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Content Operations

We manage your digital production workflows to produce engaging content that is compatible across multiple platforms. We use a combination of manual and automated production approaches to managing high-volume projects and have created tools and frameworks for seamless delivery.

Provide high-quality content to your customers. After spending the time and effort that you do to build your digital content, the last thing you’d want is for users to find errors in that content. Not only does it mar their experience, but it also makes them question your credibility. Our QA experts will take care of that and identify issues before your users do.

Make moving content between platforms a smooth and pain-free process. Whether migrating content from PDFs to learning management systems or moving it within platforms, we’ve got you covered. Having worked on multiple platforms and systems, we understand the content nuances well.

Technology Operations

Allocate your key resources to core business functions and leave application support and maintenance to us. We’ll ensure that your business processes are second to none and your customer response times are best in class. We establish and adhere to SLAs that let you stay relaxed.

We’ll help you move your infrastructure to the cloud and support it there. That way, your technology, and platforms are scalable and secure, and you keep costs low. Leave the complex regulatory nature of EdTech cloud deployments and data management to us.

Ship high-quality products to your customers. We don’t relegate QA to the end of the development process, and neither should you. With our in-house AI service framework, your team can generate test cases and cover multiple scenarios in half the time, all the while upholding your commitment to excellence.


Partner with us to create an AI-based automation framework for your QA needs like building an AI QA architecture and automating the testing process. Overlay these AI solutions with our experts’ intervention to design, train, validate, and deploy models. Enable your team and customers to enjoy a seamless and bug-free product experience.


Automating the migration of PDF files into Moodle for a high-growth EdTech company

Legacy PDF files migrated into Moodle
Cost saved by using an automated approach instead of a manual one

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