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Personalized and engaging learning experiences for demonstrable results

We partner with you to deliver meticulously crafted, standards-aligned products and resources that are engaging, personalized, and drive measurable academic success. Explore our solutions tailored for K-12 learning efficacy.

What we offer

At Magic EdTech, we’re not just edtech service providers; we’re trusted allies to global K-12 educational publishers. Our team of subject matter experts excels at both technical and non-technical content creation, ensuring that your learning materials not only meet academic rigor but also captivate and inspire students. Access our pool of talent specialized in writing, designing, and delivering research-based educational content. Together, let’s create content that is high-quality and outcome-centered, promising learning efficacy in return. Build your narrative to deliver results across a diverse array of learners.

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The foundation of learning efficacy lies in standards-aligned content and products. That is why our in-house team of experts works to ensure alignment with regional, state, and other regulatory standards. From curriculum and educational content to assessment tools and edtech platforms, our services emphasize accessibility and adherence to data privacy and security norms. Renew your confidence in the marketability and adoption of your products and materials, all while ensuring students meet their learning goals.

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Measuring learner progress is integral to demonstrating student achievement. That’s why our services extend to building new assessments and assessment platforms that can be integrated into your learning products with ease. Already have a digital assessment platform that needs an upgrade? Add new features or AI intelligence to your existing assessment platforms to accommodate formative, summative, and adaptive assessments. We even help you feed the data from these assessment platforms into improving the product and learner experience.

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just buzzwords for us; they’re integral to our mission. Ensure your content and products reflect the diversity of your audience by leveraging our expertise in DE&I compliance and representation. Let’s work together to define your DEI goals, create a strategy, and execute meticulously, hand-in-hand with stakeholders. Our DEI consultants not only develop a tailored strategy and roadmap but also provide a detailed execution plan. Utilize our DEI consulting services to cultivate an inclusive learning environment that directly influences efficacy and creates a positive experience for all learners.

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Meet Deepsight, our AI framework offering scalable personalized learning solutions for K-12. Integrate our ready-to-deploy AI accelerators into your learning environment, ethically and securely. From an instant micro-lesson generator to rapid content development tools and learning assistants, our AI-based personalized learning solutions help students learn effectively at their ideal pace.

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