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Human-centric AI to improve product design, content, and engagement

Rethinking K-12 education solutions in the age of AI? Our consulting experts analyze how and where AI can fill gaps in your content, pedagogy, technology, or go-to-market strategies. We tailor AI solutions to your specific needs and help you build powerful solutions that are ethical and safe for K-12 learning.

What we offer

We employ a blend of AI and human expertise in our content and tech services to help you achieve personalized learning. With our specialized knowledge, you can swiftly generate pedagogically sound content that caters to diverse learning needs. Whether you choose to utilize our learning delivery tools or seamlessly integrate a Learning Assistant to refine the learner journey, our internal AI framework, DeepSight, stands ready to furnish K-12 edtech companies and publishers with tools and services for truly scalable, impactful learning personalization.

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Transform your content production workflows with our AI services and tools. Seamlessly integrating into your educational endeavors, our AI services and tools allow for the swift generation of high-quality content. Focused on efficiency and effectiveness, our AI-driven content generation tools empower you to deliver an enriching learning experience. Add innovation and infuse vibrancy into your content creation process with our AI solutions.

Use AI for Rapid Content Generation

Add an AI-enabled Learning Assistant to your educational products to enable content discovery and quick feedback. Our intelligent Learning Assistant goes beyond conventional assistance, delivering personalized content recommendations that align with individual learning needs. Equipped with advanced AI algorithms, it curates content to guarantee each learner gets a uniquely personalized and enriching learning experience. Explore our AI Accelerators to amplify the joy of discovery and foster a genuine love for learning.

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At Magic EdTech, we strategically design solutions that seamlessly blend AI with human expertise, providing your educational technology with a distinctive competitive advantage. Explore the possibilities of AI-powered/human-complemented solutions to augment the functionality and performance of your offerings. Join us in shaping the future of edtech, where responsible AI takes center stage to inspire learners worldwide.

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