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Case Study

Enhancing Efficiency and UX with Cognitive Resource Navigation

Key Result Highlights

  • Enhanced search precision and efficiency for over 40 million resources, saving educators time and effort.
  • Reduced resource search time by 3 times, improving teaching and planning efficiency.
  • Conducted 6 workshops to address gaps in client products and user journeys.

The Client

The client is a top provider of scholarly resources, databases, and learning products for libraries, aimed to enhance the experience for K-12 educators.

The Challenge

The client sought enhancements for their platform’s search and discovery capabilities, focusing on two key aspects: obtaining comprehensive information about content sets aligned with specific standards and implementing a dynamic resource alignment solution.

Critical Success Factors

    • Conduct workshops to delve into client products, user personas, and user journeys, with the goal of identifying decisions and outcomes to address the identified gaps.
    • Implement an AI model to classify each resource at the sourcing level, adding semantics and critical metadata for efficient discovery and structured organization of both custom and third-party content.
    • Utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Voice Modulation techniques to improve resource discovery, enabling educators to search for context-specific resources aligned with their requirements and standards.

Our Approach

    • Enhanced semantic resource access, allowing educators to search and retrieve precisely matched resources, saving time and effort.
    • Reduced resource search time by three times through streamlined classification and discovery, enabling efficient teaching and planning.
    • Integrated an on-demand API for client partners across multiple educational systems.
    • Optimized the usage of underutilized resources and ensured the development of resources that align with user interests and demands.

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