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AI Integration for Seamless Content Development

We help you embed AI into different aspects of content creation, safely and responsibly. From using AI in content editing to building videos from scratch, our services redefine the boundaries of content creation. Explore text-to-speech features that bring words to life with original or trained voices, and experience the efficiency of AI-driven audio transcription. Find out how AI and data can fuel your content development.

Who we work with

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What we offer

We're here to help institutions, publishers, edtech companies, and corporations harness AI to design, build, and deliver affordable and effective learning solutions.

Manage the content creation processes with efficiency. Our AI-based content generation services assist teams across different media, with a focus on text. Streamline your research and writing processes with content summarization solutions, distilling information for maximum impact. Our writing assistants like IDEAlly, leverage automation to tailor content to your audiences and objectives. Explore our comprehensive suite for efficient and impactful content creation.

Step into our Image/Prompt Search databases for a wealth of AI-generated images paired with the prompts that birthed them. Our experts use pattern generation techniques to produce novel patterns derived from your existing data. Our vector generation capabilities help you build out unique vector-based images that serve as valuable assets for learning publishers. Use our inspiration hub as your playground for content creation and building visually stunning and distinctive learning content.

Perfect your visual content with our suite of AI services for 3D content. Our 3D Asset Generation tools automatically craft stunning 3D assets, including product models and logos, incredible for boosting your marketing campaigns. Explore our solutions for Image Editors, Colors for ideation and theming, and Image Generation that transforms text into striking visuals. From UI and interface design to logo creation, our visual services help unify the aesthetic appeal of your brand.

Build a strong foundation for your creativity with our Vector Databases storing high-dimensional vector representations of diverse data types. Experience the innovation of Synthetic Data tools, creating virtual datasets by simulating real-world scenarios. Our creative foundations ensure that content creators and brands have a robust infrastructure to fuel their imaginative endeavors.

Our LLM App Development solutions allow you to create and deploy mobile applications, seamlessly integrating technology for learning. Explore the possibilities of Large Language Models generating human-like text and versatile Machine Learning Tools catering to various infrastructure needs. Dive into the future of content creation with our technology integration services.

How we drive results

We shape learning solutions with your goals in mind. Whether it’s the adoption of AI across enterprises or driving inclusive experiences, see how we’ve helped our clients at different stages of their learning product journey.

Case Study

Automated Courseware Production for a Leading University

  • 35% Ramped up course production capacity
  • 50% while maintaining current processes.
Case Study

Using Automation to Ingest Assessments in the Avallain Platform

  • 30% cost savings with successful platform migration
  • 6,500+ interactivities
Case Study

End to End Platform Engineering for a leading Software Provider

  • 80% Of code quality was enhanced through unit tests.
  • 100% automation in app release and build distribution.

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