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Operationalize AI in Cloud Operations for Targeted Business Impact

As education and learning businesses adopt AI, they must reassess infrastructure for multi-cloud technology. They need skilled support for setting up infrastructure and managing costs, ensuring security and compliance. Small and Medium enterprises lacking resources require assistance with managing multi-cloud and AI technologies. Magic’s AI Cloud services provide skilled support for managing these challenges effectively. We’ll help you set up infrastructure and manage costs, ensure security, and compliance while managing your multi-cloud and AI technologies.

Partnerships and Accreditations

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What we offer

We help uncover business opportunities where a multi-cloud strategy and AI can enhance your company’s value seamlessly. By understanding your existing cloud infrastructure, we build you a roadmap to establish your secure private infrastructure. Through our assessment, you will be able to optimize and guardrail access to large language models and applications. Our recommendations go beyond the technical, incorporating ethical guardrails to guide you through the implementation journey of your LLM. Trust Magic to help you adopt AI and infuse ethical considerations into the very backbone of your technological advancements.

Our certified engineers specialize in integrating Cloud and AI, upgrading your enterprise applications and knowledge bases with precision. Create a blend of Cloud and AI that aligns with your strategic goals. We excel in migrating systems to the cloud and optimizing business processes with AI, leveraging AI CloudOps practices to ensure seamless and efficient operations. Our holistic approach guarantees that you adapt to the digital age and build a thriving enterprise poised to tackle future challenges.

Our AI and cloud governance services ensure that your cloud infrastructure operates efficiently with ongoing maintenance and security. We implement a governance framework that includes regular maintenance schedules, ensuring your cloud environment is always up-to-date, secure, and performing at its peak. Our approach encompasses policy formulation, cost control, resource optimization, and risk management all tailored to your enterprise. We also focus on preemptively identifying and resolving potential issues to minimize your downtime and ensure continuous compliance with industry standards. By entrusting us with your cloud governance and maintenance, you gain peace of mind knowing that your cloud infrastructure is in expert hands, consistently managed, and maintained for optimal performance and security.

Why Choose Magic

With a profound understanding of the education domain, Magic brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge to the table. Our AIOps management solutions are tailored to address your specific needs, ensuring a tailored solution for your business challenges. Our experience allows us to effectively map our solutions to your specific use case. This allows us to efficiently build comprehensive and timely solutions.

Our engineering team is certified to work with cloud and AI setup and implementation. Our experts undergo rigorous training and certification processes for a demonstrated proficiency in optimizing cloud and AI infrastructure, ensuring security, scalability, and reliability while maximizing cost-efficiency and performance.

We build synergy in teams to accelerate the usage of AI that informs operational efficiencies across the business. Such an approach not only expedites the development roadmap but also enhances the overall effectiveness of AI-driven educational initiatives.

Besides expertise, we also bring a depth of ready-to-use tools and plug-ins to accelerate your AI CloudOps. Our in-house AI accelerators help fast-track innovation in creating dynamic and personalized learning experiences. By incorporating advanced AI technologies, Magic EdTech empowers companies to improve outcomes and remain at the forefront of change.

Magic EdTech stands out as the ideal Cloud and AIOps solutions partner by enabling a seamless move to a hybrid cloud strategy. This collaboration brings you the best of both worlds helping you leverage both on-premise and cloud-based solutions to get the flexibility and scalability you need. Our expertise in hybrid cloud environments lets you optimize resources, enhance performance, and adapt to changing requirements with ease.

Choosing Magic EdTech as a Cloud and AI services partner translates to a significant advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness. This gives education companies the financial efficiency needed to invest more in core educational activities. We help you achieve this through optimized resource utilization, efficient cloud-based AI solutions, and strategic planning, making us an economically sound choice for institutions.

Our Certified Cloud Leadership Team

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Director of Delivery Assurance
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How we drive results

We shape learning solutions with your goals in mind. Whether it’s the adoption of AI across enterprises or driving inclusive experiences, see how we’ve helped our clients at different stages of their learning product journey.

Case Study

Hybrid Cloud Implementation

  • Successful migration
    to a parallel cloud environment.
  • Security framework aligned with GDPR guidelines.
Case Study

Cloud & AI Strategy for CTE Program Provider

  • Implemented GCP-based infrastructure and
    Vertex AI.
  • Utilized Terraform for swift cloud setup.


Our AI and Cloud services can enhance your operational efficiency, enable you to deliver personalized learning, and optimize your resource utilization. Magic EdTech's AI Cloud solutions empower small and medium enterprises to use AI safely and responsibly for improved outcomes and flexibility.

The adoption of AI in education often poses challenges related to infrastructure setup, cost management, security, and compliance. Magic EdTech addresses these challenges by providing skilled support, setting up secure private infrastructure, and ensuring compliance while managing multi-cloud and AI technologies.

Through our AI and Cloud services, we help you lay the groundwork required to deploy AI offerings safely and optimally. Leverage our cloud partnerships to upgrade your enterprise applications, migrate your systems to the cloud, optimize business processes with AI, and ensure efficient operations.

During Magic EdTech’s Cloud and AI Infrastructure & Readiness Assessment, we assess a multitude of factors such as your requirements, budget, scalability needs, and existing infrastructure. Based on these factors, we help you select the best cloud strategy for your AI product development.

Our Cloud Governance and Maintenance services implement a framework for regular maintenance, ensuring the cloud environment is up-to-date, secure, and performs at its peak. This approach encompasses policy formulation, cost control, resource optimization, and risk management tailored to the enterprise, ensuring ongoing efficiency and security.

Our Cloud and AI consultants undergo rigorous training and certification processes. They are certified by Cloud partners like Google, Azure, and Amazon, and demonstrate high proficiency in optimizing cloud and AI infrastructure. This ensures security, scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency in our solutions, providing a high standard of service.

Our in-house AI accelerators are advanced tools and plug-ins designed to integrate with existing learning products. Each accelerator can be customized and white-labeled to fit into your product or platform and bring the benefits of safe and responsible AI to your product.

Our AI CloudOps solutions guarantee a seamless move to a multi-cloud strategy by offering support in managing AI/ML services across multiple cloud and on-prem environments. This includes continuous improvement and proactive collaboration with our clients. We help you scale AI/ML operations based on demand, leveraging the elasticity of multi-cloud infrastructure.

We help you incorporate framework-based ethical guardrails into the implementation journey of Large Language Models. Our recommendations extend beyond technical aspects, guiding educational institutions to adopt AI while upholding ethical standards. Beyond this, we also conduct risk assessments, document compliance procedures, and keep your compliant with data privacy laws and regulations (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA) to ensure that your AI solutions meet legal and ethical standards.

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