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Case Study

Implemented a Hybrid Cloud Strategy for a Leading Global Education Publisher

Key Result Highlights

  • Successfully executed a phased migration plan to a parallel cloud environment, ensuring operational continuity and compliance with data protection standards.
  • Developed a robust security framework aligned with GDPR guidelines, featuring data encryption, access controls, and regular security audits, ensuring the integrity of sensitive information.

The Client

The client is a renowned provider of digital learning products for elementary and middle-grade schools globally, sought to enhance its cloud infrastructure to include advanced AI and data modeling solutions.

The Challenge

Despite a reliable cloud infrastructure, the client struggled with accessing native services and implementing advanced AI and data modeling. To overcome this hurdle, the client sought expansion to 3,300 schools nationwide, necessitating a proficient strategic partner in cloud dynamics to handle extensive data processing, high traffic volumes, and dynamic scalability.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Dynamic resource adjustment to meet changing demands.
    • Foundational and advanced AI model support.
    • Efficient data pipelines to ensure optimal data flow for maintaining data integrity and compliance.
    • Utilize cloud-native technologies, such as serverless functions, to reduce latency and improve resource efficiency.
    • Emphasis on security, GDPR compliance, seamless integration, user experience, and strategic cost management for system integrity, interoperability, and economic viability.

Our Approach

    • Infrastructure Assessment and Planning: Comprehensive planning for resources, including AI models.
    • Hybrid Cloud Strategy Implementation: Seamless operation across existing and new environments, ensuring secure data synchronization and a consistent user experience.
    • Robust Security Framework Development: Aligned with GDPR guidelines, incorporating data encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.
    • Phased Migration: Services, applications, and data migrated in phases with thorough testing at each stage to ensure functionality and performance.

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