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Case Study

Magic Develops a Dictionary App for a Leading Language Learning Company

Key Result Highlights

  • Positive User Reception: The app was well-received by users, reflecting in high ratings on app stores.
  • Improved Search Experience: The autosuggest feature and 'fuzzy filter' significantly enhanced the search experience for users.
  • Led a successful transformation of print dictionaries into a dynamic, user-friendly digital application, meeting the evolving needs of language learners.

The Client

The client is a prominent language learning provider with a strong portfolio of print dictionaries.

The Challenge

The client , sought to transform these resources into web and mobile applications to meet market demands.

Critical Success Parameter

    • Unified Development Methodology: Develop both web and mobile apps using a cohesive methodology that synergizes elements, minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.
    • Seamless Search Functionality: To enhance user navigation, ensuring users can easily locate information without confusion.
    • Audio Pronunciation: Embed audio functionality to provide auditory support for language learners.

Our Solution

    • Unified Product Development: Built a singular product encompassing 35 dictionary references, ensuring a comprehensive language learning experience.
    • Enhanced User Experience: Implemented autosuggest features in the search functionality to improve search accuracy.
    • Fuzzy Filter and Autocorrect: Developed a ‘fuzzy filter’ to correct word spellings and provide autocorrect functionalities, addressing user input variations.
    • Versatile Access: Enabled the application to function both online and offline, catering to users in various connectivity scenarios.
    • Content Transformation: Employed advanced scanning techniques to transform print content into meaningful XML schemas.

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