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AI Services for Learning

We're here to help institutions, publishers, edtech companies, and corporations harness AI to design, build, and deliver affordable and effective learning solutions.

Our Framework

DeepSight: Our human-centric AI framework, employs 30+ years of expertise to create meaningful and ethically implemented solutions for enterprises.

We possess the expertise and cloud infrastructure to help you set up a private and secure Large Language Model (LLM) safely in your environment. We help you train your LLM and integrate with LLM Ops tools to implement and configure I/O filters, privacy, and security.

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Our Governance Policy experts and ethicists help you take ownership of your data, security, and privacy. We help you define internal and external systems and processes alongside technical controls for AI.

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Centralize the tracking of use cases for AI models and tools across the enterprise. Get recommendations that surface content-specific system risks.

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Surface insights about the use of AI tools, so governance teams can quickly identify and mitigate emerging risks. Discover new ways to use AI to augment processes.

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Employ Human Agency for design and review around outcomes-centered workflow and measure the quality of AI output in target outcomes.

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