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When AI Meets Accessibility

We recognize that driving true inclusion requires a human touch. At Magic EdTech, our accessibility experts strategically wield generative AI to speed up repetitive processes, bringing you more accurate results, quicker. Explore how we use AI to power our accessibility solutions.

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What we offer

We're here to help institutions, publishers, edtech companies, and corporations harness AI to design, build, and deliver affordable and effective learning solutions.

Using advanced AI capabilities, we convert tables into accessible HTML while preserving the source formatting and styling. Whether sourced from PDFs or even images, our AI-driven extraction process efficiently retrieves the important elements from searchable PDFs. This includes textual content with styling details such as font family and alignment, as well as comprehensive table information like headers, rows, columns, and cell background colors. The result is a live HTML-accessible table, offering ready-to-use, live, and accessible XHTML files with retained aesthetics, ensuring an inclusive user experience.

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Math content has never been easier to process. Using our strengths in AI, we transform math content into MathML with accompanying Alt text. Our AI-driven process effortlessly detects and replaces mathematical content, whether sourced from PDFs, images, or HTML. Our advanced AI classification models detect mathematical equations and expressions, followed by a clustering process to bucket math content. The result is HTML, including MathML, ready for insertion into target platforms. Our process includes the generation of MathML, Alt text, and LaTeX, inserting them on the appropriate page for a seamless user experience. To ensure precision, our experts manually review the process to guarantee accuracy and quality in the final output.

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We channel AI to help you check for image color contrast accessibility with unparalleled accuracy and substantial cost savings. Expect a minimum of 60% reduction in color contrast audit costs, removing subjective judgments, and reducing the risk of errors. Our efficient process helps you scale up contrast testing by parallelly processing multiple image batches. This groundbreaking solution allows publishers to extend testing to a higher percentage of images, potentially upstream in source files, thereby improving turnaround time and overall efficiency in the production process.

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Experience a paradigm shift in closed caption verification with our Closed Caption – Generation and Validation tool. This innovative solution not only automates the validation process but also generates industry-standard WebVTT files with precise timestamping, setting a new standard for accuracy and quality. Minimize errors in closed caption generation, ensuring consistent and high-quality content.

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We approach image accessibility with innovation. Each image undergoes processing through our private language learning model, utilizing baseline images and contextual text from storyboards/manuscripts to generate ALT + ARIA. This sequential processing is refined with SME assistance until a benchmark is established. Following AI processing, human intervention ensures a meticulous audit and sign off on the outcomes.

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How we drive results

We shape learning solutions with your goals in mind. Whether it’s the adoption of AI across enterprises or driving inclusive experiences, see how we’ve helped our clients at different stages of their learning product journey.

Case Study

Automated Courseware Production for a Leading University

  • 35% Ramped up course production capacity
  • 50% while maintaining current processes.
Case Study

Using Automation to Ingest Assessments in the Avallain Platform

  • 30% cost savings with successful platform migration
  • 6,500+ interactivities
Case Study

End to End Platform Engineering for a leading Software Provider

  • 80% Of code quality was enhanced through unit tests.
  • 100% automation in app release and build distribution.

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