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Build, Sustain, and Fortify Your Digital Tools

Envision an integrated digital terrain where edtech applications and tools communicate, share data, and deliver the optimal learning experience. Explore our diverse solutions tailored for the evolution of K-12 learning technology.

What we offer

Begin your product journey with Magic EdTech, your all-in-one partner for edtech platform development. Having crafted over 400 platforms and products for K-12, we stand as the premier destination for your edtech aspirations. From conceptualization to execution and beyond — let’s turn your visions into reality, creating inclusive and impactful products.

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Do your interactive platforms need new dimensions? We’re skilled at developing or integrating new features to improve user experiences, extract meaningful analytics, and simplify the overall user journey. Explore how we weave together digital content, systems, and assessments into a centralized learning hub.

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As a leading assessment platform developer, we offer publishers and edtech companies a dynamic solution to improve their educational content. We build customizable assessment platforms that cater to diverse learning objectives, ensuring alignment with curriculum standards and engaging educational experiences. With a user-friendly interface, scalable architecture, and robust security measures, we help you deliver assessments that are not only technologically advanced but also offer meaningful insights into student performance. We prioritize adaptability, interoperability, and data privacy, providing a solution that enables our partners to enhance the effectiveness of their educational offerings while promoting personalized and inclusive learning environments.

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Gain a 360-degree perspective on students, teaching methodologies, and courses. Unify insights from all your content, systems, and activities into a singular dashboard with our custom analytics solutions for K-12. Our edtech solutions engineers work their magic, seamlessly blending data from external xAPI sources and Caliper Analytics with information from learners, tools, activities, and channels. Our AI-infused learning analytics solutions are designed to amalgamate data and draw predictive or diagnostic conclusions for strategic decisions.

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Need secure and scalable cloud technology solutions for e-Learning? Choose from our range of hosting and storage solutions for edtech. Partner with us to develop, store, and organize your educational resources, tools, and data in the cloud. Access our suite of cloud-based collaboration tools for seamless communication, document sharing, real-time collaboration, and virtual learning spaces. With our scalable cloud infrastructure solutions, you can deploy and manage virtualized resources, ensuring reliable and efficient IT operations.

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Trim down expenses linked to maintaining legacy platforms. Our tech support teams are here to ensure a seamless customer experience on your legacy (and potential sunsetting) platforms. Free up your core team to focus on forward-facing initiatives as we handle the intricacies behind the scenes.

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Let’s put your data to work. Our data governance services assist you in transforming institutional data into a dynamic tool for decision-making. Moving beyond the basics, our frameworks offer the scalability and adaptability needed to meet K-12 needs. Explore a tailored suite of solutions designed to protect sensitive student data and drive seamless administration.

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