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Seamless Automation, Strategic Adoption,
Unparalleled Operations

Experience unparalleled cloud operations and tailored solutions for industry excellence.

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What we offer

End-to-end cloud services and support for learning.

We begin by exploring your current setup, a crucial step in preparing for your seamless transition to the cloud. In the Discover phase, our experts evaluate the performance and usage of your existing infrastructure, setting the stage for optimization. We navigate the complexities of your systems, addressing interfaces and dependencies, while prioritizing security and compliance for a secure migration path. This phase lays the groundwork for smart decision-making whether it’s on-prem to cloud discovery or understanding your public & hybrid cloud. We uncover insights, ensuring informed decision-making as you progress toward cloud excellence.

Through App Modernization, we optimize applications for peak performance. Our team works on modernizing your applications and cloud-native application development, ensuring they align with the latest edtech industry standards and are tailored for the cloud environment. Rigorous cloud readiness testing guarantees a seamless transition, while architectural optimization ensures your infrastructure aligns with the best cloud practices, maximizing efficiency. We prioritize both short-term gains and long-term benefits to ensure a cloud solution that stands the test of time. Our specialist-based delivery, facilitated through app-tech experts, guarantees a high level of expertise throughout the migration process.

Our NextGen Cloud Ops and Managed Services offer a forward-thinking approach to managing your cloud environment. Technology-Driven Strategic Monitoring ensures proactive issue management, guaranteeing optimal performance. Magic EdTech is dedicated to ensuring smooth business functions, providing round-the-clock support for continuous operational excellence.

Leverage Infrastructure-as-Code for seamless management, ensuring consistent and efficient deployment. Our Automated Configuration Management service optimizes software and system configurations effortlessly, reducing manual intervention. When it comes to deploying applications at scale, trust Magic EdTech’s expertise for a streamlined process.

Benefit from our vast education domain knowledge, where solutions are finely tuned to meet the unique demands of your learners. Our services go beyond the ordinary, providing an additional layer of expertise to accelerate your progress in the dynamic landscape of cloud technology.

How we drive results

We consider your needs and goals to deliver a custom solution that works for your organization.

Case Study

Migrating And Hosting Platforms on Cloud

  • 25% Overheads Reduction
  • 75% Procedures Streamlined
Case Study

Cloud Migration For a Content Authoring Tool

  • 75% Jump In Adoption
  • 89% Time
Case Study

Cloud Integration for Continuous Product Improvement

  • 100% In-house development
  • 80% Quality Improvement
Case Study

Using Cloud-Based Tools for ETL Automation

  • 3GB+ Data per Pipeline
  • 40% Optimization

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