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Using Automation to Ingest Assessments in the Avallain Platform


Cost Saved


Production Time Saved


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Business Need

The client is the world’s leading learning publishing company, with expertise in educational courseware, assessment, and a range of teaching and learning services powered by technology.

The client wanted to transform and migrate the contents of one of their most popular legacy flagship products to their new-age digital-first platform. They also wanted to retain the existing learning pedagogy and enhance the overall digital experience.

Outcomes Expected

  • Enhance the learning experience
  • Close collaboration with the editorial and SME team to ensure a successful migration
  • Establish a robust repeatable process to achieve the results in a shorter turnaround time

Our Approach

  • Conducted a deep review of existing product to map it to the overall vision
  • Mapped the content to existing templates to retain the pedagogical essence
  • Created new templates in Avallain where the existing ones weren’t available
  • Created an automated workflow to ingest source content into the new platform
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