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Case Study

Improving the Performance of The Data Analytics Platform For A Leading EdTech Company

Key Result Highlights

  • Drove 30% cost savings for client as a result of improved platform performance
  • Reduced production time by 25% while increasing data reporting efficiency and effectiveness

The Client

The client is a leading analytics startup with a platform that lets school districts get complete visibility of all learning activity on the students’ and school’s devices. This platform collects up-to-the-minute data on every app, software, and website on all school and student devices and passes this information in the form of dashboard to districts and their decision makers.

The Challenge

The client wanted to improve the performance of their platform and the quality of reports it generated, as the current system provided a very limited view of data and required a long time to retrieve the relevant data points.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Improving the sanctity of the data collected and reported Usage of serverless components Managing huge data volumes (~500 gb/day)

Our Solution

    • Converted the existing application from a monolith and non-partition MongoDB based solution to a serverless architecture.
    • Used 100% serverless components and eliminated the DevOps layer, thereby reducing time and cost.

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