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Case Study

Making Digital Games Accessible For A Leading K12 Publisher

Key Result Highlights

  • Project Completed In 8 Weeks
  • The Client Won the California Bid
  • Deployed a team of over 100 members.

The Client

The client is a large K12 educational publisher in the US. One of their key Math & ELA programs for California had multiple interactive games as an important component.

The Challenge

There was a need for the existing gaming solution (program) to be designed for use on Chromebooks and making the interactives accessible.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Meet a steep ‘Back To School’ timeline.
    • Ensure that the transformed product met the strict quality benchmarks set by the client and tested rigorously to support hundreds of thousands of existing users.
    • Put together the right team with solid prior experience of working on Chromebook apps.

Our Solution

    • Created a project plan and feasibility analysis. Audited the existing code to remediate the interactives for accessibility.
    • Instructional Design & Editorial Teams worked with the development and accessibility teams to ensure closed captioning, alt text writing (editorial) and learning effectiveness were well taken care of.
      The team included users with disabilities to get the interactives thoroughly tested and certified for Accessibility.
    • A device farm set up for testing on various devices and assistive technologies such as Jaws, Chromevox, Narrator & VoiceOver.

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