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Digital learning solutions based on real-world usage

We turn your content and technology into dynamic assets that nurture strong learner-teacher relationships. Dive into our suite of services for EdTech improvement, thoughtfully designed to align with the needs and challenges of modern classrooms.

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Transform abstract concepts into captivating learning experiences with immersive modules. Magic EdTech helps you build virtual labs, 360-degree walkthroughs, accessible games, and more to inspire and engage learners.

Our SMEs and learning experience designers work with you to shape the narrative for your immersive content, fine-tuning experiences to align perfectly with curriculum goals and state standards. Our in-house developers then build out the technological backbone of your course, conducting rigorous cross-platform testing and making it accessible.

From effective AR, VR, simulations to game-based learning modules, our rapid development frameworks help you build faster while keeping costs in check. Explore our experiential learning solutions for K-12.

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Make your online learning tools a joy to use. We specialize in adapting platforms and products to meet the needs of teachers and students. Our UI and UX experts conduct detailed product audits, working with you to simplify complex interfaces. We identify and streamline complex elements with a focus on accessibility, ensuring your products are inclusive of all users.

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Make products work in sync, creating a cohesive environment for both teachers and students. Our integration experts possess nuanced experience in single-sign-on (SSO) and LTI Standards integrations, making us the go-to partner for K-12. Leverage scalable frameworks and strategic partnerships with organizations like 1EdTech to help you meet tight deadlines and deliver seamless online learning in no time.

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Meet MagicBox – our in-house product for an unmatched learning experience! Organizations in K-12 publishing and edtech use MagicBox to create and deliver rich learning content to diverse learners. Its plug-and-play tools allow you to add interactive content like eReaders, videos, and audio to courses with ease. Dive into a sea of features like AI-enabled teaching assistants and automated grading, designed to reduce teacher workloads. Customize your own edtech solutions with ready-to-deploy features from MagicBox!

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Need help with something that’s not listed here? Speak to our team to find out more about our digital learning and edtech solutions for K-12.