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Learning Technology Solutions for Institutions

Technology Solutions to Improve Learner Persistence

We're here to make digital learning seamless, responsive, and tailored to the unique challenges faced by institutions today. Browse through our services to see how we use technology to enhance not only the overall learner experience but also ensure sustained engagement with their courses.

What We Offer

Meet the demand for flexible learning with technology that engages learners and ensures a seamless transition between in-person and online environments. Our team works to ensure smooth platform navigation, efficient content delivery, and streamlined assignment management. We help you turn hybrid and asynchronous learning programs into collaborative learning spaces, nurture a sense of community, and weave connections among students. Build robust platforms that facilitate an effective learning environment and give your institution the tools to support learner progress.

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We house an internal team of technology developers, experienced in developing over 400 platforms for learning. Use our expertise and infrastructure to plan and create a new platform for your institution. From learning platforms to assessment platforms to entire learning ecosystems, we’re your go-to partners for all your technology needs.

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Revitalize your legacy products and platforms by adding new dimensions or fixing broken experiences. Magic EdTech has worked with several higher ed institutions, supporting their transformation goals from end to end. We approach tech transformation strategically, conducting an audit to evaluate the compatibility, security, and scalability of your technology. Preserve the strengths of existing systems while integrating advanced features and functionalities to future-proof your learning tools and environments. Explore how our learning technology transformation services can benefit your organization.

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We facilitate an effortless content migration and ingestion process with no disruptions to your existing workflows. Having worked with numerous universities, our team understands the challenges institutions face when moving to new platforms or updating content repositories. Our expertise lies in seamlessly migrating existing content and ingesting new materials, using a blend of automated and manual processes. Whether it’s textbooks, multimedia content, or assessment materials, our process is designed to maintain content integrity while optimizing for the latest technological advancements. This ensures that educators find easy access to a rich array of learning content resources on your new platform.

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At Magic EdTech, we recognize the role a cohesive ecosystem plays in learner success. That’s why our team works with institutions to enable connections between tools and systems. With these product integrations, learners and educators can enjoy seamless experiences and data flows to the right points ready to be harnessed for personalized instruction. Talk to us about integrating your learning management systems, assessment platforms, and collaborative tools to provide a holistic educational experience. By breaking down silos and ensuring edtech interoperability, we help institutions deliver a comprehensive and unified learning experience.

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Have a specific need that isn't covered here? Connect with our team to explore the full range of tech services tailored for Higher Education.