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Scalable, Secure, and Accessible Platforms

We’ve built over 400 custom learning platforms for EdTech companies, publishers, institutions, and corporate learning. Start your tech journey with a platform development partner who understands your goals and can bring your vision to life. With a track record spanning over 30 years in learning, Magic EdTech offers a wealth of experience in tech development. Right from the first consultation to the final stages of development, we bring you a perfect blend of knowledge, technical expertise, and robust infrastructure to simplify learning platform development.

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What we offer

Design, development, and delivery of effective and affordable learning platforms.

With a history of successful projects in platform development, we offer a unique blend of expertise and practical know-how. Our infrastructure and technical skills align seamlessly with your project’s requirements, making us a reliable partner for new development projects. Explore the possibilities of custom eLearning development services with a service provider that combines technical prowess with a demonstrated history of excellence. Our team of tech talent is great at developing platforms for varied devices.

Beyond development, our dedicated Quality Engineering (QE) Center of Excellence, operates independently from our development center. Here, a formidable team of automated testing and QE experts work to ensure the highest standards for your project. Our investment in in-house AI tools and frameworks for QE helps us shorten timelines and keep costs down. We also place a heavy focus on optimizing platform and code quality, ensuring that your project is not only delivered on time but is also ‘First Time Right’ (FTR). This includes rigorous code reviews and comprehensive documentation to reduce the likelihood of bugs and bring your users an efficient platform.

We bring a blend of technical expertise and user-centric insights to our custom learning platform development. Our team of tech talent is adept at molding experiences based on the differences in user behavior on multiple devices. We also house a separate accessibility team to drive inclusive product features from the very initial stages of the project. You can deliver inclusive products that comply with WCAG and other standards for accessibility.

Our development team ensures that your platforms and products are equipped to feed data back into your ecosystem so you can understand what drives user behaviors. We supplement these data points with Machine Learning capabilities to turn it into meaningful information you can use to measure progress.

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Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to upgrade an existing assessment platform, we offer you powerful and flexible educational platform development solutions. Our scalable framework allows you to leverage the strengths of your current platform while introducing personalized assessments that engage and challenge your learners. Build formative, summative, or adaptive assessments, your way.

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Speed up the pace of product development and sharpen the outcomes. Our unique blend of responsible AI and in-house experts helps your team scale development, testing, security, and more. Ask about our AI services for platform development and how we use AI to make your development more efficient.

The Magic EdTech Difference

Design, development, and delivery of effective and affordable learning platforms.

Our technology consultation team turns your ideas into scalable, user-friendly custom eLearning solutions. We begin our journey with an in-depth analysis of your aspirations, delving into the unique aspects of your vision. Our seasoned consultants then work closely with your team to formulate a customized roadmap tailored to your needs. Our platform consulting team offers you insights on technology stack selection, development methodologies, and scalability planning. Beyond that, we address the user experience, market positioning, and long-term sustainability of your platform. Tap into a rich pool of expertise to build your custom eLearning platform.

We house a talented and dedicated team, equipped with the knowledge needed to bring your EdTech platform to fruition. Our team possesses extensive experience in building custom learning solutions from the ground up, including the successful development of our in-house platform, MagicBox, now empowering over 6 million users. The longevity of our team’s tenure provides the continuity and stability needed to ensure that your project stays firmly on track.

Development misconfigurations can compromise platform security. From the server to the application, we ensure your platforms are hardened against attacks at all times. Security is an integral part of our agile methodology, and applications are made secure from day one of development. We are also experienced in building platforms that comply with the COPPA and FERPA security standards for learning products.

We recognize the importance of cloud technologies in modern learning platforms. Whether you’re embarking on a new development or contemplating a migration, our seasoned team of cloud specialists ensures a smooth transition, making us the go-to provider of cloud solutions for learning products. Our robust infrastructure guarantees maximum uptime and a reliable user experience. Stringent security measures, encryption, and compliance protocols safeguard the integrity of your data. We adopt a strategic approach to cloud resource allocation, optimizing your costs without compromising performance.

Our ability to manage projects and communicate proactively sets us apart. With a track record of working with top publishers and EdTech companies, we understand the intricacies of the education domain and navigate them seamlessly. Our customers love the clarity we provide in pricing models and our transparent approach to budget management to help you plan effectively and avoid unexpected costs.

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with development. We are fully equipped to manage and maintain your platforms. Since we build for scalability, we work with you to accommodate more features, users, and markets as you grow.

How we drive results

We shape learning solutions with your goals in mind. Whether it’s the adoption of AI across enterprises or driving inclusive experiences, see how we’ve helped our clients at different stages of their learning product journey.

Case Study

Platform Development for After School Program Provider

  • 100% Onboarding Success
  • 70% Youth
Case Study

Authoring and Illustrating Children’s Book Titles

  • 15 Children’s Books Released Translated in Spanish
Case Study

LTI Advantage Upgrade For University

  • Upgraded from LTI 1.0 to LTI 3.1 Implemented Appropriate User Rights.
Case Study

Adaptive Assessments for Test Prep

  • 200K+ Questions Ingested
  • Custom 3PL Adaptive Engine Framework


We've developed custom e-learning platforms for various clients, including leading EdTech companies, publishers, educational institutions, and corporate learning initiatives. Some examples include platforms for interactive course delivery, afterschool program management, virtual classrooms, assessment tools, learning analytics, and many more tailored to specific needs and target audiences. Contact our team or browse through our case studies to learn more.

Our team comprises experienced professionals with extensive expertise in building custom learning solutions. We've successfully developed and deployed our in-house platform, MagicBox, which serves millions of users worldwide. With a focus on continuity and stability, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions.

Our approach to ensuring scalability, security, and accessibility involves a combination of infrastructure design, adherence to best practices in development, a commitment to privacy and security norms, and thorough testing procedures. We prioritize scalability to accommodate growth in the user base and content volume, implement stringent security measures at every level of development, and follow accessibility guidelines such as WCAG to ensure inclusivity for all users.

Our platform development services are device-agnostic, meaning the platforms we create are compatible with a wide range of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We prioritize responsive design and compatibility testing to ensure optimal user experience across different screen sizes and device types.

Our Quality Engineering (QE) Center of Excellence operates independently from our development center and is staffed with a team of automated testing and QE experts. They employ a combination of manual and automated testing techniques, along with AI-powered tools and frameworks, to rigorously assess platform quality and functionality. This helps us maintain high standards, minimize the likelihood of bugs or issues and provide effective custom e-learning solutions.

We employ the Shift Left technique and approach UI, UX, and accessibility with a user-centric mindset. Our 30+ years of expertise and insights into user behavior help us craft engaging and intuitive learning experiences. Our dedicated accessibility team ensures that products comply with accessibility standards from the outset, fostering inclusivity and usability for all users.

We use our in-house framework, MagicQuant, to embed learning analytics into platforms. MagicQuant’s ML capabilities give you diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics that you can use to power learner success, measure progress, optimize content delivery, and enhance outcomes.

Our AI-enabled educational platform development services leverage responsible AI techniques and in-house expertise to accelerate development processes and improve outcomes. By integrating AI capabilities into platform features such as content recommendation engines and adaptive learning algorithms, we enhance personalization, efficiency, and effectiveness.

To initiate a custom elearning platform development project with us, simply reach out to our team to schedule a consultation. During this initial phase, we'll discuss your project requirements, goals, and timelines, and provide tailored recommendations and a roadmap for moving forward.

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