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Change Products for the Better

Revamp your content formats or make your legacy platforms relevant for today’s users. We help you create and execute a transformation plan that uses the latest technology to put your users front and center. From seamless scalability to fortification, we ensure that your platforms and products are future-ready and inspire learners.

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What we offer

Thoughtful technology implementations to improve digital learning for K-12, higher ed, and corporate learning

At Magic EdTech, we take a people-first approach to design, carving experiences that focus on your goals and the needs of educators and learners alike. Working closely with your team, our tech and content experts dive into a thorough analysis of your product, examining historical usage, tech infrastructure, and architecture. We then build out a tailored transformation plan, projecting a refined user experience. Our content and technology engineering expertise helps us refresh interfaces and improve usability, keeping disruptions to a minimum. Whether learners are on laptops, tablets, or smartphones, our designs guarantee a product where every interaction is intuitive and effortlessly enriching.

Scaling educational products for growth is at the heart of what we do at Magic. A successful transformation isn’t just about the present; it’s about building for the future. We help you fortify your platform’s scalability, ensuring it can gracefully accommodate an expanding user base and increasing content demands without compromising on performance or user experience. Our transformation services prioritize mobile responsiveness, ensuring that your educational platform seamlessly adapts to various devices.

We recognize the role of interoperability in driving product success, and our strategic partnerships with learning bodies like 1EdTech enable us to bring an extra layer of expertise to the table. Our transformation services allow your platforms and content to integrate with leading educational standards like LTI, QTI, and Caliper Analytics, as well as existing learning management systems, databases, and third-party applications. This ensures a cohesive and connected educational ecosystem, bringing educators and learners a unified and streamlined experience.

Equip your platforms and products with analytics platforms to understand what drives user behaviors. We supplement your data points with Machine Learning capabilities to turn them into meaningful information you can use to measure progress. Derive diagnostic and predictive analytics from your product to identify opportunities for improvement.

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The Magic EdTech Difference

Find out what makes us the preferred partner for tech solutions to organizations in edtech, publishing, institutions, and corporate learning

At Magic EdTech, our unique strength lies in our dedicated learning domain expertise, encompassing consulting, content, and technology, all contained within a singular powerhouse. Our team is well-versed in the nuances of learning content and technology and is deeply attuned to new developments in the learning landscape. This understanding allows us to tailor transformation plans that meet the expectations of your learners, educators, authors, and industry standards.

Choose Magic EdTech, and you’re choosing a one-stop partner for complete product transformation. We don’t just provide consulting services or offer content solutions – we bring the complete package and the technology to execute! Our end-to-end capabilities ensure that your transformation journey is efficient and driven by a unified vision.

We blend the best of both worlds – the speed of automation and the precision of manual interventions. Our transformation strategies are intelligently automated to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Yet, we understand the value of human insight, and our experts intervene where personalization and a thoughtful touch are paramount. This synergy ensures that your products undergo a transformation that is not only optimal but also imbued with the strategic thinking that sets them apart.

Our AI-driven solutions help us optimize the speed and delivery of product transformations. With in-house LLMs and a focus on safe, responsible AI, we can bring unmatched productivity gains to your development and content transformation efforts.

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How we drive results

We shape learning solutions with your goals in mind. Whether it’s the adoption of AI across enterprises or driving inclusive experiences, see how we’ve helped our clients at different stages of their learning product journey.

Case Study

Increased the Adoption of a Content Authoring Platform

  • 40% Rise in
  • 500% Rise in
Case Study

Automated QTI Conversion

  • 150K+ QTI
  • 70% Cost
Case Study

Improving Usage Through a UX Revamp

  • 99% Crash
    Free Performance
  • 45% Improved
    Session Time
Case Study

Making a Platform LTI Advantage Compliant

  • 450,000 Users
  • 2 Weeks

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