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Learning Analytics to Enable Effective

Achieve precision in future investments by identifying targeted avenues based on sharp insights from diverse data points, including product features, achievement rates, high-traction content, and more. Through our AI/ML-powered learning analytics framework, ‘MagicQuant,’ we empower you to enhance both product and content effectiveness. Track engagement across learning platforms and materials, unifying insights from course performance, and user performance, to craft tailored pathways for every learner.

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How we help

As a governing body, publisher, edtech company, institution, or educator, your needs are unique. That’s why we offer tailored analytics development solutions that comprehend the nuances of your distinct requirements and provide precisely what you seek, delivered the way you need it. Our analytics consultants work with you to identify the right metrics for your business and help you take charge of your data. Gain access to a wide range of services, including Learning Analytics Advisory, Business Intelligence, Data Engineering, and AI-ML solutions for your business. We provide expert guidance and support across these domains.

Our in-house framework enables rapid development and deployment of complex learning analytics platforms. Use MagicQuant to build your custom analytics platform. Capture data from diverse sources to view real-time analytic reports. Leverage data in correlation with learning standards, and fill in the gaps with our AI-driven prediction models. With our expertise, your analytics platform will be equipped to deliver Diagnostic, Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics.

Add AI/ML capabilities to your existing platform with no disruptions to your daily workflows. Import data from external xAPI sources or Caliper Analytics and combine it with data collected from your learners, tools, activities, and other channels to gain relevant insights. Get a holistic view of your students, teaching methods, and course structures for informed decision-making in a professional learning environment.

Manage your learning data and turn it into your competitive advantage. This includes developing data architecture, creating data models, data warehousing, and data governance.

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Create intuitive dashboards that pull relevant data from sources and provide you with the right insights. Bring in ready-to-use reports from Magic’s repository for a quick start and enhance with custom reports over time. Having built hundreds of learning dashboards, our team possesses the expertise to help you get the right insights in the format you need.

Track learner engagement with our engagement metrics. Make informed decisions based on learner progress, analyze performance trends, and use our machine-learning-driven predictive analytics to personalize learning paths.

How we drive results

We shape learning solutions with your goals in mind. Whether it’s the adoption of AI across enterprises or driving inclusive experiences, see how we’ve helped our clients at different stages of their learning product journey.

Case Study

Data Integration for a Leading Education Analytics Platform Provider

  • 700+ business data flows.
  • 40% Optimized execution timemaintaining current processes.

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