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Learning Analytics to Enable Effective Decision Making

At Magic EdTech, we recognize that you need information, not just data. ‘MagicQuant’, our AI/ML based learning analytics framework helps you achieve your desired goals.

Improve Product and Content Effectiveness

Track engagement across learning platforms and material to evaluate their effectiveness. Unify insights from diverse data sources and platforms to improve the efficacy of learning programs and educators to drive learner success.

Personalize End-to-End Learning Experiences

Analyze learner and teaching performance and uncover hidden patterns and behaviors—Correlate data with standardized benchmarks to develop tailored pathways that help every student succeed.

Achieve Precision in Future Investments

Identify targeted avenues for investment based on sharp insights woven from varied data points like product features, achievement rates, high-traction content, and more.

Tailored Analytics Solutions for Your Unique Requirements

We understand that as a governing body, publisher, edtech company, institution, or educator, your needs are unique. That’s why we offer tailored solutions that comprehend the nuances of your distinct requirements and provide precisely what you seek, delivered the way you need it.

Our Learning Analytics Framework


Our in-house framework enables rapid development and deployment of complex learning analytics platforms.

Leverage MagicQuant to build your platform that captures data from diverse sources, correlates it with existing standard, fills in the gaps with our AI-driven prediction models to bring you actionable insights.

What Sets Our Learning Analytics Apart from the Rest

Magic EdTech’s AI-driven analytics framework makes it possible to go beyond the existing data gaps and derive insights that may be critical to improving learner outcomes. To do this, we employ a combination of the following 4 types of analytics to bring you information:

Contextualize historical data to gain valuable insights from past occurrences.

Use these insights to compare data such as assessment performance or conduct a comparative analysis.

Holistic View

Individual Assessment

Teacher Dashboards

Empower All Stakeholders Through Effortless Data Visualization

Use Correlated Insights for Better Student Achievement

Import data from external xAPI sources and Caliper Analytics while combining it with data collected from your learners, tools, activities, and other channels to gain relevant insights. Get a holistic view of your students, teaching methods, and course structures for informed decision-making in a professional learning environment.

Custom Analytics Solution

Gain access to a wide range of services, including Learning Analytics Advisory, Business Intelligence, Data Engineering, and AI-ML solutions for your business. Our specialized team provides expert guidance and support across these domains.

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