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Consulting Solutions for Digital Learning

Accelerate your digital product transformation and fuel growth with our collective expertise of over 100 years in education. Our seasoned consultants have partnered with countless publishers and edtech companies, helping them improve the sell-through of digital products and brokering their entry into new digital incarnations and environments. What sets us apart is our unique ability not only to provide strategic advice but to execute end-to-end projects using our in-house content and tech development services.

What we offer

Our tailored consulting services empower edtech companies and educational publishers to build new products, drive user adoption and expand their market reach. We begin by understanding your target market sector and customers and delving into the details of your product/portfolio’s unique value proposition. We work together to define a target operating model aligned with your revenue and profitability goals, ensuring a strategy that propels your learning products toward success. Work with Magic to assess product roadmaps and backlogs and drive sustained growth.

At Magic EdTech, we offer a specialized suite of Compliance Assurance Solutions tailored for edtech companies and educational publishers. Our expert team conducts thorough audits and assessments ensuring your products align seamlessly with accessibility standards, data protection laws, and other learning standards like QTI, LTI, and 1EdTech. Beyond advisory, our ongoing support keeps your organization at the forefront of compliance, minimizing legal risks and priming your products for growth. Explore how our consultation coupled with engineering services has propelled edtech products into new markets and facilitated faster time-to-market.

Optimize every facet of the user journey with our strategic consulting services for edtech UXs. From seamless onboarding to continuous engagement and support, our experts conduct detailed content and UX assessments, providing you with actionable insights for measurable growth and improved retention. Partner with us to discover custom insights on designing intuitive content and interfaces that leave a lasting, positive impression throughout the entire experience cycle.

Facilitating a smooth translation from roadmap to reality, our team offers dedicated support to Delivery, Execution, and Operations teams. We actively contribute to crafting precise requirements, specifications, and delivery timelines, ensuring tasks are well-defined in advance for seamless execution. Our role extends to brokering communication and coordinating deliverables with technology engineers, nurturing collaboration throughout the process. Whether on-site or remote, we adapt to your needs, providing comprehensive assistance to bring your strategic roadmap to life efficiently and effectively.

Guiding every step of the way, our support spans Analysis, Architecture, and Program Management, ensuring a cohesive and successful journey. We specialize in translating your product/platform strategy and vision into both business and technology requirements, aligning them with your organizational goals. Collaboratively, we define internal ROI and performance parameters, offering valuable insights for informed decision-making. As your trusted advisor, we break down the project plan for execution and delivery teams, providing strategic guidance to ensure that your product strategy and vision are met with excellence.

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