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Case Study

Transforming Soft Skill Development for a US-Based Learning Product Enterprise

Key Result Highlights

  • Created a mobile-first platform driven by learning science, empowering learners for the evolving job market and professional success.
  • Transformed soft skill development, enhancing engagement, improving skills, and increasing workforce readiness.

The Client

The client is a US-based learning product enterprise offering mobile-first micro-lessons for learners to develop academic, career, and life skills.

The Challenge

The client wanted to revamp soft skill development with a mobile-first learning platform. Their challenge was to create engaging, ten-minute daily lessons that build comprehensive skill development over time, meeting learners where they are and alleviating facilitators’ burdens.

Critical Success Factors

    • Integrate learning and behavioral science principles and methodologies to maximize learner engagement and effectiveness.
    • Implement a mobile-first approach, ensuring the platform is accessible anytime, anywhere for convenient learning.
    • Structure lessons in a scaffolded manner to facilitate effective skill development.
    • Design daily micro-lessons within a ten-minute timeframe for regular and manageable learning.

Our Approach

    • Developed a convenient and accessible platform for students to access lessons anytime, anywhere.
    • Structured lessons in a way to make essential skills easily understandable and applicable.
    • Created bite-sized micro-lessons that take only ten minutes per day, promoting regular skill development without overwhelming learners.
    • Incorporated proven learning and behavioral science techniques, including spaced repetition, gamification, and personalized feedback, to maximize engagement and motivation.

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