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Case Study

Localization Services for Entrepreneurship & Skill Network Courses

Key Result Highlights

  • Localization of 1.5 million words from English to Hindi and Kannada for workforce skills courses.
  • Implemented automation solution for word count, saving 90% of manual effort across 600-course components.
  • Ensured accessibility, engagement, and timely delivery of localized content, aligning with the client's objectives.

The Client

The client is a not-for-profit organization that accelerates economic development through entrepreneurship, small business growth, innovation, and skilling. It collaborates with governments, foundations, corporations, and educational institutes to drive job creation through large-scale initiatives.

The Challenge

The client wanted to localize their entrepreneurship and skill network courses to regional Indian languages, Hindi and Kannada. With around 1.5 million words needing translation, the foundation aimed to enhance accessibility and impact by making these courses available to a wider audience.

Critical Success Factors

    • Use a conversational tone to make the content relatable and easy to understand.
    • Maintain engagement and interactiveness as the original course while preserving learning effectiveness.
    • Ensure accuracy and timely delivery of effective training programs.

Our Approach

    • Localized Content Formats: Localized course content in various formats (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) while maintaining a consistent conversational tone and pedagogical integrity.
    • Training Localization Experts: Trained a team of Hindi and Kannada localization experts to ensure accurate translation and resonate with the target audience.
    • Automation of Word Count: Implemented an automation solution to accurately count words in 600-course components, saving approximately 90% of manual efforts.

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