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Explore how AI can drive learner efficacy and empower teams.

You’re the expert when it comes to your organization’s needs. Augment your products and teams with our AI accelerators and house them safely within your enterprise environment. Our pre-built accelerators offer a quick start, significantly reducing development time and allowing you to get a competitive edge.

What we offer

Plug-in tools, expertise, and frameworks to help you accelerate the pace of building AI-based products and platforms.

Your trusty partner for writing that’s inclusive, bias-free, and accessible from the get-go! The IdeA11y Writing Companion is a non-invasive way to proofread, identify DEI biases, and optimize for accessibility as you write! It is fully equipped to understand the underlying context and semantics of written text.

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KEA is your go-to guide for swift and effective learning content discovery. Designed as an AI learning assistant, KEA takes charge of 80% of productive communication with students.

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QuizA11y is a versatile quiz engine that can transform text from PDFs, DOCs, or PPTs into various WCAG 2.1-compliant accessible question formats. Transform assessment text to WCAG 2.1-compliant question formats.

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Create personalized micro lessons in minutes for every topic, backed by expert guidance. Whether online or offline, this powerful tool makes education accessible to all by reducing course development costs.

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Image audits can be the trickiest aspect of Accessibility compliance. Use AI to cut down the time and costs associated with image color contrast audits while improving the quality of output.

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Generate and review code, navigate complex codebases, test with automated test case generation, and bridge programming languages effortlessly. Experience productivity gains of up to 50% across software development.

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EazyTest AI Pro, our internal quality engineering tool, tests multiple scenarios in a single go. Add it to your development environment to transform the accuracy of automated testing.

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How we drive results

We shape learning solutions with your goals in mind. Whether it’s the adoption of AI across enterprises or driving inclusive experiences, see how we’ve helped our clients at different stages of their learning product journey.

Case Study

Automated Courseware Production for a Leading University

  • 35% Ramped up course production capacity
  • 50% while maintaining current processes.
Case Study

Using Automation to Ingest Assessments in the Avallain Platform

  • 30% cost savings with successful platform migration
  • 6,500+ interactivities
Case Study

End to End Platform Engineering for a leading Software Provider

  • 80% Of code quality was enhanced through unit tests.
  • 100% automation in app release and build distribution.

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