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Case Study

Automated Courseware Production for a Leading University

Key Result Highlights

  • Ramped up course production capacity by 35%.
  • Reduced production time and cost by 50% while maintaining current processes.
  • Built a win-win workflow for authors and production teams.

The Client

The client is one of the largest universities in Europe. They are reimagining their products and platforms to suit a digital learning environment.

The Challenge

The university was looking to streamline its courseware production process. Their authors and writers were unaccustomed to using the Canvas LMS authoring tool to build courses. Instead, they authored courses using Word docs. This process required a resource to ingest those docs into the LMS. Magic was brought in to streamline and optimize their ingestion process.

Critical Success Factors

    • Speedy course and content creation.
    • Ease of use for authors with no changes to existing their process.
    • Fully-interactive courses replete with multiple media and design components.

Our Approach

    • We ealuated the current process and observed the redundancies therein.
    • Created Word doc templates that authors could use to write content in.
    • Created an automation tool to migrate this document and other media assets on Canvas as a course.

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