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Case Study

Self-Learning Explainer Videos For a Publisher

Key Result Highlights

  • 250+ videos created
  • Reused visuals and characters and enabled 40% cost savings
  • Courses viewed by more than 1 Million students globally

The Client

The client is a global learning company and the world’s largest publisher of strategic higher education/skill-based content.

The Challenge

The client’s need was to develop a video-based self-learning training for future skills courses. These courses were to augment printed books and were intended for engineering students and

Critical Success Factors

    • Videos needed to follow an inquiry-based learning approach.
    • Videos needed to follow the agile SAM model and prototype in the actual development.
    • Courses to be engaging and industry focused while aligning with theoretical concepts.

Our Approach

    • Deployed a multidisciplinary team of Instructional Designers and SMEs to define the framework and course structure.
    • Global Visual Style Guide created keeping in mind the overall client branding and visual strategy.
    • Created an intermittent visual storyboard stage to avoid changes in the final stage and expedite the process.

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