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Immersive learning solutions to spark engagement and drive learner success

Tap into the expertise of our dynamic team of learning designers, content and graphic creators, and technology experts, to enrich the learning experience. We create scalable and high-quality rich content while keeping the learning objective at the forefront. From designing simulations and games to developing virtual labs and interactive courses, we ensure learners stay immersed while acquiring vital skills.

Who we work with

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What we offer

We help institutions, publishers, edtech companies, and corporate learning leaders build affordable and effective experiential learning solutions.

Untangle complex and abstract concepts for students and employees with a hands-on immersive learning experience. Our team is composed of diverse skill sets including learning designers, graphic creators, technology experts, and specialists in immersive development. We prioritize the learning efficacy and scalability of experiences to meet your goals. Grounded in a strong technology stack, our customizable Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality frameworks expedite course deployment without straining budgets. We seamlessly integrate AR/VR modules into existing educational or immersive training solutions, ensuring accessibility for a diverse audience.

The quality of a simulation determines its effectiveness. Build dynamic simulations that go beyond traditional training, offering a practical learning experience. Our team of simulation designers, SMEs, and AI and ML experts helps you replicate real-world scenarios and build an authentic immersive learning experience. Utilizing AI/ML-powered simulation frameworks, we craft effective decision trees and feedback mechanisms to reward and reinforce positive behaviors. Our simulations are designed with scalability in mind, accommodating different user levels and evolving learning needs.

Build immersive training solutions that are centered on the objective, enhancing the learning process. Our game designers help you weave a compelling storyline or narrative that captures the attention of the players. With well-designed gaming elements and progression levels, we ensure a sense of realism and achievement, encouraging continuous participation. Promote active learning through the use of interactive elements that allow players to make autonomous decisions and solve challenges. Build entire games with us or gamify elements of your courseware with badges, rewards, leaderboards, etc.

Need to make your digital courseware more engaging? We help you embed technology for interactive teaching. We integrate visuals, audio, video, or games into your content for a more interactive learning and training experience. Our courses are built with accessibility in mind to accommodate diverse learning preferences and abilities. We employ the help of our rapid development frameworks to build and deploy these experiential learning solutions with ease.

The Magic EdTech Difference

Create and transform learning content that flows seamlessly within platforms and keeps your users engaged and motivated.

Experience a revolutionary approach to immersive learning development with our AI-powered rapid development frameworks. By automating repetitive tasks in content development, our scalable frameworks empower instructional designers to focus on tasks directly related to meeting the learning objectives.

Our ML-based frameworks dynamically adapt scenarios and provide instant, personalized feedback within simulations, adding a layer of efficacy to the learning process. Learners can explore simulated environments and receive guidance that aligns with their choices.With scenario customization and automated feedback systems, your learners can benefit from instant, personalized feedback within simulations, making it more efficacious.

Besides developing immersive learning solutions that are inclusive, we specialize in overlaying your existing modules with accessible features. Our accessibility experts ensure that your learning module aligns with the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). By simplifying user interfaces, ensuring screen reader compatibility, and more, we help make your module inclusive to learners of all abilities. We also specialize in localizing immersive learning elements to make them multilingual and cater to diverse audiences. Chat with our team to find out how to make your learning experiences accessible.

We create engaging experiences tailored for K-12, higher ed, and workforce training programs, recognizing the unique needs of each learner group. So whether you’re looking for an immersive training program or an NGSS Standards-aligned virtual lab, we cater to your specific learning needs.

Our ability to manage projects and communicate proactively sets us apart. With a track record of working with top publishers and EdTech companies, we understand the intricacies of the education domain and navigate them seamlessly. Our customers love the clarity we provide in pricing models and our transparent approach to budget management to help you plan effectively and avoid unexpected costs.

How we drive results

We shape learning solutions with your goals in mind. Whether it’s the adoption of AI across enterprises or driving inclusive experiences, see how we’ve helped our clients at different stages of their learning product journey.

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Core Platform Development

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End to End Platform Development

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Mobile App UX Development

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We help you integrate learning analytics into your Immersive learning module to capture data on learner interactions. Our analytics are AI-powered and hence, can provide diagnostic. Predictive and prescriptive insights on learner progress.

Our team's uniqueness lies in its diverse skill set in accessibility, content development and technological development. We also use rapid development frameworks to execute our projects quicker and more cost-effectively, so you can have fully customized immersive learning modules without starting from scratch. Our deep experience of over 30 years in education helps us develop scalable, high-quality, and inclusive modules that prioritize the learning objective and stay ahead of trends.

Accessibility is paramount in our design process. We adhere to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles and the WCAG standards of accessibility. Our experts simplify interfaces, ensure screen reader compatibility, and localize content to make immersive learning experiences inclusive for all learners.Our internal team of testers, which includes persons with disabilities, then tests these for various use cases.

Our AI-powered frameworks automate repetitive tasks in content development, helping instructional designers focus on meeting learning objectives. This not only expedites the development process but also contributes to cost-effectiveness.

Our pre-fab simulation engines, developed with machine learning, dynamically adapt scenarios and provide instant, personalized feedback. Such experiential learning solutions enhance the learning process, allowing learners to explore simulated environments and receive guidance aligned with their choices.

We prioritize the learning objectives by designing serious games with compelling storylines and well-crafted gaming elements. Our gamification approach includes progression levels, realistic challenges, and interactive elements, promoting active learning aligned with educational goals.

We tailor immersive learning experiences for specific learner groups, recognizing the unique needs of K-12, higher ed, and workforce training. Whether it's an NGSS Standards-aligned virtual lab or a corporate training program, we customize immersive training solutions to meet diverse requirements.

Our differentiator lies in proactive project management, clear communication, and transparent budgeting. With a track record of working with top publishers and EdTech companies, we offer clarity in pricing models, facilitating effective planning and minimizing unexpected costs.

Many of our in-house content experts have worked with education publishers for over 30 years. This, combined with a proven track record of curriculum and standards alignment, helps us ensure our learning experiences can be aligned with educational standards like NGSS.

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