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Achieve Operational Excellence with Magic

AI-powered automation demands hyper-personalization and feature-rich offerings, but building a cost-effective pool of talent to achieve this can hold you back. Augment your team to develop innovative, customer-centric solutions with our end-to-end GCC services. We partner with you to establish your GCC with access to a global talent pool while bringing agility and efficiency to all business functions and product lines.

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What we offer

Magic’s comprehensive support allows you to streamline your journey to a global competency center (GCC) in India. We help you build a compelling business case highlighting the cost optimization and other strategic advantages of a global competency center in India. Our team partners with your stakeholders to navigate the setup and operational phases, ensuring a smooth launch within a swift 2-4 month timeframe. With Magic by your side, you’ll be able to build a dedicated GCC and gain access to localized expertise and market research, paving the way for expansion into new markets. Furthermore, we embody a culture of continuous improvement within your GCC, ensuring operational excellence and adaptability as your business evolves.

Unlike traditional outsourcing models where control resides solely with the GCC vendor, Magic’s approach prioritizes joint ownership and collaborative decision-making. Leverage our leadership, education expertise, and proven frameworks to achieve a swift GCC launch. Magic acts as your trusted partner, providing guidance and expertise while respecting your ownership and control. Ensuring your GCC reflects your unique brand, processes, and work culture as you actively participate in all aspects of establishment, providing strategic input and shaping every decision.

In traditional models, where the client’s involvement is often minimal or non-existent, our approach ensures we maximize the value your GCC delivers over the long run. Our main focus is on the business outcomes that we achieve with a detailed governance framework so we can track and enhance the center’s performance. Together, we’ll build a high-performing team that aligns with achieving shared goals. While Magic will manage the day-to-day operations, you’ll remain actively involved through participation in strategic decision-making, performance reviews, and audits. We ensure you gain valuable operational understanding and that your GCC continues to align with your business needs.

Through strong SLAs and KPIs, we govern your Global Capability Center, ensuring effective project management and quality assurance. Our insights offer stakeholders a clear understanding of project progress, facilitating resource optimization and informed decision-making for future endeavors. We provide transparent visibility into potential areas of project delay, enabling timely intervention to mitigate risks and uphold timely delivery. With real-time progress tracking, teams are empowered to swiftly adapt to evolving circumstances and streamline workflows for heightened efficiency. At every stage, you’ll have the tools to gauge productivity levels and evaluate the performance of your GCC with confidence.

At Magic, we’ve honed our Talent Management program to meet the exacting standards of industry-leading companies like yours. Our Talent Scouting initiative ensures a steady stream of skilled professionals, while our Talent Onboarding assistance guarantees a smooth transition for new hires. Through Magic’s Learning Academy, we provide targeted training programs and certification courses, alongside assignment-specific learning opportunities to facilitate flexibility and skill enhancement. Our innovative talent programs, such as Career LEAP for accelerated growth, online OPD consultations, and themed monthly engagements build a culture of continuous improvement. Additionally, we invest in a flexible team dedicated to your specific needs, allowing for immediate scalability and support whenever required.

The Magic EdTech Difference

We bring over 30 years of experience in the edtech domain, encompassing consulting, AI, content, and technology, all contained within a singular powerhouse. Our team isn’t just technically proficient; they’re passionate about education. We’ve been at the forefront of innovation, developing countless learning products and platforms that redefine the way education is experienced. This experience allows us to go beyond generic solutions and develop a strategy that is uniquely catered to you.

Get beyond borders with our GCC solutions. With our expertise in global markets, your products can be fast-tracked for adoption in new markets, adding global value to them. Our expertise in local market penetration and global talent supply will ensure you have a dedicated high-performing team that will work on your business ambitions and long-term success.

Magic understands the importance of building a high-performing GCC team. That’s why we specialize in accelerating learning curves, ensuring your workforce reaches peak productivity in record time. Our talent scouting and onboarding support services make sure your team goes beyond traditional approaches to build a team with the necessary skills.

Our comprehensive end-to-end support services system addresses every aspect of your GCC cycle. From talent management, risk assessments, and vendor selections to incentives exploration, location assessments, and regulatory compliance – we’ve got you covered.


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