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What is DeepSight AI for Learning?

DeepSight is Magic EdTech’s in-house framework for human-centric Al. DeepSight comprises strategies, tools, services, and accelerators. Organizations can use DeepSight to craft responsible AI strategies and policies to build AI-enabled solutions, safely and ethically.

For years, Magic has invested in building DeepSight to unite Al with our 30+ years of experience to create meaningful, ethically developed, and implemented AI solutions for enterprises.

How can I use DeepSight?

Organizations can use DeepSight to develop an ethical AI strategy and build internal AI-enabled solutions. Embed ready AI features into existing products, speed up content and technology operations, and more. Here are some outcomes you can expect:

Shift your perspective from isolated use cases to strengthening your overall capabilities across the value chain. With DeepSight, we guide you through an objective evaluation of your entire business case, enterprise AI readiness, and the corresponding return on investment. With you, we help identify investment areas that hold the potential for substantial productivity enhancements.

The adoption of Generative AI will bring a fundamental shift to your architecture. Data becomes more fluid, needing unstructured and synthetic elements. Given the frequent release of new foundation models, companies must adopt models that align with each specific capability. For digital reinventors, we help you build a core that will meet these future needs. Our certified team helps you draw the most value from your AI and Cloud investments.

AI & Cloud

Establish and steer a visionary path for the reinvention of work, the transformation of the workforce, and the preparation of employees for a world driven by Generative AI. Organizations that embrace reinvention are twice as likely as their counterparts to foresee substantial productivity gains, reaching 20% or more within the next three years. Onboard our AI experts to your team and get started on your transformation journey.

Team augmentation solutions

Design, deploy, and use AI to drive value while mitigating risks. Only 2% of companies have self-identified as fully operationalizing responsible AI across their organization. The gap between intent and execution is huge and must be addressed. Closing the gap requires more than a responsible AI framework for risk management and ethical, sustainable use of AI. With the DeepSight framework for AI, you will be able to bring AI to your organization, safely and ethically.

Speak to our team to understand more about how the DeepSight framework for AI can help your organization.

How does DeepSight help my organization keep AI solutions ethical and responsible?

We employ levers in Intellectual Property Protection, Ethical, and Data Governance to help organizations implement AI responsibly.

We possess the expertise and cloud infrastructure to help you set up a private and secure Large Language Model (LLM) safely in your environment. We help you train your LLM and integrate with LLM Ops tools to implement and configure I/O filters, privacy, and security.

Our Governance Policy experts and ethicists help you take ownership of your data, security, and privacy. We help you define internal and external systems and processes alongside technical controls for AI.

Centralize the tracking of use cases for AI models and tools across the enterprise. Get recommendations that surface content-specific system risks.

Employ Human Agency for design and review around outcomes-centered workflow and measure the quality of AI output in target outcomes.

How we drive results

We shape learning solutions with your goals in mind. Whether it’s the adoption of AI across enterprises or driving inclusive experiences, see how we’ve helped our clients at different stages of their learning product journey.

Case Study

Efficiency and UX Enhancement via Cognitive Resource Navigation

  • 3 Times Search Time Reduced
  • 40 Million Resources Enhanced
Case Study

AI-Based Oral Fluency Assessment Solution

  • Reduced Time and Effort for Evaluation
  • Accuracy in Results
Case Study

AI-Driven Content Generation and Feature Development

  • 8 Week Completion Period
  • 10% Cost Savings
Case Study

Personalized Learning Pathways

  • Enhanced Project Efficiency
  • Increased Productivity

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