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Operationalize AI for Targeted Business Impact

You’re the expert when it comes to your organization’s needs. Augment your products and teams with our AI accelerators and house them safely within your enterprise environment. Our pre-built accelerators offer a quick start, significantly reducing development time and allowing you to get a competitive edge.

What we offer

We're here to help institutions, publishers, edtech companies, and corporations harness AI to design, build, and deliver affordable and effective learning solutions.

Our team of AI experts works to uncover business prospects where AI can seamlessly enhance your company’s value. We focus on understanding your existing cloud infrastructure and the maturity level of your LLM, if any. Through a meticulous assessment of your multi-cloud AI/ML model setup, we build you a roadmap to establish your secure private LLM. Our recommendations extend beyond the technical realm, incorporating ethical guardrails to guide you through the implementation journey of your LLM. Trust Magic to not only navigate the intricacies of AI but to infuse ethical considerations into the very backbone of your technological advancements.

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At Magic EdTech, our seasoned team of AI experts is poised to seamlessly collaborate with your teams, spearheading the implementation and integration of private LLM models within your cloud environment. Working hand-in-hand, we’re dedicated to identifying precise boundaries for the AI model and defining essential human touchpoints, ensuring results that are consistently unbiased. Tailoring our approach to your specific business use cases, our team ingests your data into the secured private LLM, crafting a universe of learned artifacts that propels your business forward. With Magic EdTech, your AI solutions receive the precision of thoughtful implementation that they deserve.

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Once your model is trained on your data, the Magic EdTech team steps in to set up the seamless automation of prompts and the feedback loop, guaranteeing optimal results from your AI model. Recognizing the pivotal role of data in fortifying your AI engine, our dedicated team takes charge of assimilating and capturing new data into your secured private LLM model. Using our expertise in AI/ML Automation Fabric solutions, we expertly integrate and automate data pipelines within your cloud environment. This dynamic approach ensures an ongoing training process for your model, continually evolving and refining its capabilities with the latest and most relevant data inputs. With Magic EdTech, your AI model is not just a tool; it’s a living, learning entity, adapting to the needs of your audience.

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We specialize in overseeing AI/ML services across multi-cloud environments, driven by our commitment to continuous improvement. Our proactive approach involves collaborating closely with you to optimize your AI/ML Ops on Cloud experience. Through routine reviews, we meticulously assess the effectiveness of our support services, actively seeking feedback to fuel further enhancements. The expertise of our team shines through in the personalized recommendations we provide—insights on improvements, cost optimizations, and performance enhancements that elevate your AI/ML journey.

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The magic difference

Create and transform learning content that flows seamlessly within platforms and keeps your users engaged and motivated.

Being highly skilled in AI, ML, and NLP, our AI expertise positions us to nimbly adapt your offerings and processes to the latest advancements in AI technologies.

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We employ an increased focus on regulated AI to ensure sustainable and ethical use.

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A domain understanding born of over 30 years in education, enables our experts to comprehend the unique challenges and opportunities that you face.

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Our approach is characterized by end-to-end support throughout your AI journey, so that AI solutions are not isolated patches but integral parts of your growth strategy.

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How we drive results

We shape learning solutions with your goals in mind. Whether it’s the adoption of AI across enterprises or driving inclusive experiences, see how we’ve helped our clients at different stages of their learning product journey.

Case Study

Automated Courseware Production for a Leading University

  • 35% Ramped up course production capacity
  • 50% while maintaining current processes.
Case Study

Using Automation to Ingest Assessments in the Avallain Platform

  • 30% cost savings with successful platform migration
  • 6,500+ interactivities
Case Study

End to End Platform Engineering for a leading Software Provider

  • 80% Of code quality was enhanced through unit tests.
  • 100% automation in app release and build distribution.

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