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Deliver Digital Learning Across Platforms

Integrate your products within the existing learning ecosystem and improve your user experience using MagicSync.


The Complete EdTech Integration Platform
  • Rostering Systems
  • LMSs
  • One-Click Single Sign-On
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Single Sign On

Simplify Your
Process

Eliminate the need to remember multiple passwords for your users. Provide a seamless single sign-on experience and enhance their engagement with your learning products.

LTI Upgrade

Integrate with LMS and rostering tools

Integrate your products within the existing EdTech ecosystem. This reduces the steps needed to access your products and improves their adoption.


Make buyers comfortable

Buyers like it when your product has the ability to integrate with their existing ecosystem. It assures them a good experience and makes it comfortable for them to partner with you.

User Base

Unlock a broader user base

By integrating with users’ existing ecosystems, you make it easier for them to access your products. This allows more users to access your products and improves their learning experience.


  • 1.3M+
  • 50K+
  • 500K+
  • 50+
  • 10000+

Trusted By

  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Human Kinetics
  • Savvas Learning
  • Larson Texts
  • OUP
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