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Build Inclusive, Efficacious Learning Content

Creating educational content that drives real outcomes is a delicate art. Unlike standard writing, learning content development involves meticulous research and a grasp of how to meet the learning objective. Our content development services provide a supportive hub, replete with Subject Matter Experts, editors, learning designers, and DEI & accessibility specialists who ensure a gentle yet impactful journey from concept to efficacy.

Who we work with

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What we offer

End-to-end content and curriculum services for K12, higher education, and workforce learning.

We provide Subject Matter Experts, including both technical and non-technical writers, to lend their depth and expertise to your content. Our team’s prowess extends across a spectrum of topics, making the content resonate and educate with equal finesse. By recognizing the diversity among learners, we adopt a balanced approach to narrative. Whether your audience is well-versed in the subject matter or approaching it for the first time, our writers strike the perfect equilibrium. Our elearning content development services expertise extends to areas like Arts and Humanities, CTE/Workforce specialties like healthcare, veterinary, HR, and cosmetology, or English as a Second Language/English Language Learning, and more.

Inject vitality into your course and make it easy for learners to consume. Our team of learning designers animates, shortens, and restructures content to align with your learning objectives. Turn courses into short, binge-worthy, bite-sized microlessons or deliver it as an immersive module – whatever the goal, we retain the efficacy of your course. Talk to us to make the learning experience dynamic and memorable. Whether it’s a traditional classroom setting or a digital learning environment, our e-learning content development solutions adapt to meet the required structure and style, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Having served educational publishers for over 3 decades, our team brings a wealth of editorial expertise to your content. Our skilled editors refine each piece, ensuring that our educational content development surpasses your expectations. Through comprehensive quality assurance and proofreading services, we guarantee a polished and professional presentation that will captivate your audience.

State adoptions are crucial to the success of publishers and edtech companies. Our team is experienced in correlating resources and aligning them with State or National Standards. Our commitment extends to metadata writing, providing a structured foundation to enhance the discoverability and usability of your educational materials.

Our commitment to Digital Learning for Everyone shines through in our content services for education. Our team uses a codified in-house DEI Framework – IDEa11y to ensure diverse perspectives are accounted for and added authentically. This not only enriches the learning experience but builds an inclusive environment where every reader feels seen and valued.

Understanding the importance of linguistic resonance, we localize content to the most suitable language for your readers. This goes beyond mere translation; it involves cultural nuances, ensuring that the content speaks directly to the hearts and minds of your audience in their preferred language.

The Magic Difference

Find out why we’re the content development partner of choice to institutions, edtech companies, and publishers globally.

Magic brings you content design for a wide range of topics and at scale at a friendly price. The diverse array of courses offered includes Accounting and Business, Adult Basic Education, Arts and Humanities, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Communication, Economics & Business, ESL or ELL, English Composition and Literature, IT Skills/Data Science, Statistics, STEM, and World Languages.

Our curriculum experts use responsible AI-infused engineering techniques to design, proofread, copyedit, and localize content. The combination of AI and human discernment helps us deliver the best quality at a fast-tracked pace and friendly cost. Our development team also acts as an advisor in implementing AI technology while safeguarding academic integrity.

Choose from a wide array of empaneled experts who specialize in outcome-based content design. Our flexible processes enable you to carve your own team and accelerate your content-design needs. Browse through our portfolios and pick the perfect SME, writer, editor, proofreader, production, or QA expert, who fits your goals.

How we drive results

Experience the results we’ve enabled for countless organizations, brining efficacy and ease to their content development process.

Case Study

Built NGSS-Aligned Virtual Labs

  • 35% Cost
  • NGSS Compliant
Case Study

Detecting & Minimizing Bias From a Reading Curriculum

  • 100+ Books
  • 200+ Bias
    Instances Eliminated
Case Study

Online Curriculum for Workforce Readiness

  • 150 Learning
  • 7 New
Case Study

Refining AI Models for Student-Centric Content

  • 400+ Summaries
  • 120+ Questions


Our typical clients include K-12 publishers and edtech companies with educational products. We also serve educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities, as well as corporate training departments.

We offer end-to-end content and curriculum services. This often includes authoring courses, developing curricula and aligning it to standards, and designing courses for different modalities and learning ages. We also offer editorial services and create micro lessons or immersive content.

Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of each educational level by customizing content, instructional strategies, and delivery methods accordingly.

Our team comprises Subject Matter Experts, editors, learning designers, and DEI & accessibility specialists with extensive experience and expertise in their respective fields.

Certainly! We have successfully completed numerous projects across various educational domains, and we'd be happy to share examples or success stories upon request.

We ensure accessibility and inclusivity in our content by adhering to best practices, guidelines, and standards such as WCAG, and by working closely with DEI & accessibility specialists throughout the content development process.

Our content development process involves thorough research, collaboration with Subject Matter Experts, iterative writing and editing, quality assurance checks, and client feedback loops to ensure the final product meets or exceeds expectations.

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Contact our team for a deeper understanding of our content development services.