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Case Study

Developing Online Curriculum for Workforce Readiness

Key Result Highlights

  • Delivered standout, engaging, and creative course content using storytelling and real-world examples
  • Created a fully aligned course of 150 learning hours with 7 new animations to replace static narrative content.
  • Developed sustainable and repeatable workflow to leverage the experience and support future curriculum development.

The Client

The client is a global leader in educational publishing, edtech products, and creating content for adult learners. Their mission is to create courses and training programs to support professional development and career advancement.

The Challenge

The client wanted to develop an online workforce readiness course that would not only differentiate itself from numerous existing online courses in the field, but also effectively cater to three distinct industry certification exam standards, ensuring students are equipped to pursue certification from any of these exams. Furthermore, the course aimed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge required for a successful entry-level career in the field.

Critical Success Factors

    • Develop engaging course content that aligns with industry exam standards and effectively prepares students for their careers.
    • Build the course within the client’s platform while adhering to their coding standards.
    • Create compelling media assets such as animations, videos, and interactive elements to enhance the overall learning experience.
    • Ensure compliance with accessibility standards to make the course accessible to all learners.

Our Approach

    • Magic assembled a learning design team responsible for creating, editing, and approving course content to ensure high-quality standards throughout.
    • Provided domain experts with approved credentials, experienced writers, and instructors well-versed in teaching adult learners in the specific discipline.
    • Offered proactive end-to-end services to maintain accountability for both major and minor course components and milestones.
    • Prioritized an adaptive and collaborative workflow tailored to the client’s needs, enabling scalability and replication for future courses.

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