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Case Study

Optimizing Cloud & AI Strategy for CTE Program Provider

Key Result Highlights

  • Successfully assessed and addressed the client's cloud expansion needs.
  • Integrated a versatile code editor supporting programming languages like Python and Node.js.
  • Executed cloud expansion strategies, incorporating support from LLM models for efficient code execution.
  • Crafted comprehensive requirements for an AI-based strategy.

The Client

The client is a well-known CTE program provider seeking innovative
solutions to enhance their cloud infrastructure and AI capabilities.

The Challenge

The client was looking for a strategic partner to navigate their cloud
expansion needs, formulate AI-based strategy requirements, and enhance
their cloud infrastructure.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Comprehensive assessment of cloud expansion needs.
    • Crafting requirements for an AI-based strategy.
    • Augmentation of the existing cloud infrastructure.
    • Seamless integration of a versatile code editor supporting Python and Node.js.
    • Effective support for programming languages and efficient code execution.

Our Approach

    • Leveraged GCP-based cloud infrastructure and Vertex AI solution for a robust foundation, ensuring scalability and advanced AI capabilities.
    • Employed containerized architectures like GKE to optimize costs.
    • Initiated GCP cloud setup using the Terraform tool, expediting the deployment process.
    • Configured the platform with GKE, Cloud SQL, and Cloud VPN for the client’s asset management application, ensuring a tailored and optimized cloud environment.
    • Developed a frontend UI in ReactJS and created a Code Editor backend API in NodeJS, following a microservice architecture, enhancing modularity and flexibility.
    • Containerized the solution using Docker for deployment in GKE, facilitating seamless deployment and scalability.

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