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Case Study

NGSS-Aligned Virtual Labs for a Leading K12 Publisher

Key Result Highlights

  • The client experienced a 35% cost reduction in simulation development costs due to scalable templates.
  • The product was compliant with NGSS and was readily adopted by the State.
  • The client was able to demonstrate course collaboration and learner engagement due to the product’s unique Notebook feature.

The Client

The client is a K12 publisher. They pride themselves on being a market leader in digital learning products.

The Challenge

With upcoming State Science Adoptions in view, the client was looking to supplement its core curriculum with innovative Virtual Labs for better learning engagement, application, and efficacy.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Science NGSS Subject Matter Experts to review the designs and
      the interactive elements and ensure pedagogical richness.
    • Ensuring that the course design and artwork is photorealistic and
      scientifically accurate.
    • Building collaboration between students and teachers as a part
      of this experience.

Our Approach

    • Our team included State SMEs and writers who ensured
      compliance with NGSS and grade accuracy.
    • Template-driven frameworks were created to help with the rapid
      development of Virtual Lab courses.
    • Our team custom-built 3 simulation engines which were used to
      develop the remaining simulations at scale.
    • The simulations were carefully integrated with the client’s
      platform to ensure the best student experience.
    • The courses were designed to capture learner analytics which
      could then be used by the client for future course augmentation.

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