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Case Study

Detecting & Minimizing Bias From The Reading Curriculum of a Large US Publisher

Key Result Highlights

  • 200+ BIAS instances eliminated
  • Evaluated 100+ of the client's books
  • Helped ensure that every learner can see themselves in what they read and relate to their content.

The Client

The client is a leading K12 publisher that pride themselves on staying ahead of the market when it comes to creating cutting-edge digital learning products.

The Challenge

The client wanted to ensure that their content embraces the spirit of diversity and inclusivity, free of biases, ableist language, or any other prejudices that could impact their learner’s sentiment and not reflect their intent correctly.

Critical Success Parameters

    • A detailed report highlighting implicit and explicit bias issues.
    • Using technology to that ensure essential information is not missed by human eyes.
    • Recommendations on how to improve their content and make it diverse and inclusive.

Our Approach

    • Set up our bias detection tool and customized it to match the client’s content type and expected outcomes.
    • Created initial use cases that helped improve the bias detection algorithms.
    • Evaluated the result to eliminate inaccuracies, added our recommendations, and shared the final outcomes with the client.

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