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Case Study

Automation for On-boarding School Districts

Key Result Highlights

  • 40% reduction in execution time.
  • Built the data pipelines to write 150,000 records/minute
  • Performed data migration and integration of 120+ school districts and built efficient data processing pipelines.

The Client

The customer is a Data Analytics specialist that offers a platform to perform data analysis for school improvements.

They are a trusted partner to districts, schools, educational agencies and comprise a team of former teachers, principals and researchers.

The Challenge

The customer was struggling with onboarding new school districts, with accurate data, and within defined timelines.

The entire process was being executed manually. It required a linear scale-up of capacity to cater to the growing list of school districts lining up for onboarding.

Critical Success Factors

    • One Week Turnaround SLA for Onboarding of School Districts
    • Process Optimization Through Automation
    • Establish a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for successfully customizing existing processes

Our Approach

    • Magic performed Data Research within the SnapLogic reference implementation, including deep study and analysis of data inconsistency patterns across the 120+ school districts.
    • Leveraged SnapLogic to streamline integrations that were formerly time-intensive.
    • Leveraged SnapLogic to streamline integrations that were formerly time-intensive.
    • Automated data flows and work order creation.
    • Business templates were completely automated, making them less time-consuming than manual data entry processes.

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