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Case Study

Explainer Videos for a Leading Global Financial Institution

Key Result Highlights

  • 8 complex and critical concepts simplified
  • Reused Visuals and Characters and saved 40% time
  • Virtual training saved hundreds of hours of instructional time and HR support time

The Client

The client is an American subsidiary of a leading global financial institution.

The Challenge

The client wanted to develop self-learning training modules to educate employees on company policies and guidelines. In addition, they wanted to include scenario-based training modules so that employees can relate to specific queries and get their queries

Critical Success Factors

    • Designing an instructional and visual strategy that matched the overall brand identity.
    • Comprehensive coverage of policies, rules, and state-specific information.
    • Modules to be made engaging and interactive.

Our Approach

    • Provided a two fold recommendation consisting of videos and quick view app
    • Videos were designed to provide an overview of the policies in a visually rich format. The App was created as a supplementary product to help users get a gist of the policies.
    • Broad Instructional framework and visual guide created at the beginning of the project to ensure alignment.
    • Audio recording was planned in batches to optimize cost and time – resulting in heavy cost savings.

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