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Adaptive Assessments For Personalized Learning

With the evolution of AI, more and more organizations and institutions are switching to adaptive assessments to replace or complement traditional tests. Our solutions are designed to make the transition seamless and are easy to adopt without disrupting workflows.

Empowering learners begins with understanding their unique needs

Discover how adaptive assessment engines can be used for a variety of learner assessment needs. Explore the use cases below.

Determine a student’s skill level

  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Pre-Assessments

Identify areas that need more focus

  • Preparatory Tests

Discover a student's strong suits and areas for improvement

  • Formative Assessments
  • Self-Practice Assessments

Magic’s 3PL Model in Item Response Theory (IRT) Brings Unparalleled Precision in Assessing Learner Competencies

Get the Insights You Need to Build Learner Skills

With the three-parameter logistic model (3PL), our adaptive assessment models can evaluate the probability of a correct response, item difficulty, and the likelihood of guessing.

This helps you develop a deep understanding of your learners’ skills. Identify knowledge gaps with precision and develop effective and engaging content and strategies to fill those gaps.


Build or Transform Your Adaptive Assessment Platform, Your Way

Our Al/ML-based framework built on the IRT 3PL Model, combined with end-to-end open source technology, accelerates the building or transformation process.

So, whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to upgrade an existing platform, we offer a powerful and flexible solution. Our framework allows you to leverage the strengths of your current platform while introducing personalized assessments that engage and challenge your learners.

How We Enable Adaptive Testing for Organizations

Our technological capabilities and 30+ years of experience have helped us build targeted, data-driven engines to power adaptive assessments. Our frameworks make it easy for you to start, drive, and deliver your learning initiatives.

Our 5-Stage Framework Powers Adaptive Assessments, Globally

adaptive_testing_graphic_desktop adaptive_testing_graphic_mobile

Assessment Solutions That Adapt and Scale to Your Business

Get adaptive assessment solutions that are tailored to meet you where you are. Whether you’re migrating to digital assessments, building your adaptive platform, or upgrading an existing platform, customize these key components of adaptive assessments to your business needs.


Calibrated Item Bank


Starting Rule


Item Selection Rule


Scoring Rule


Stopping Rule

Who We Work With

We work with educational institutions, publishers, and edtech companies and have been responsible for bringing some of their largest learning initiatives to fruition.

Unsure if Adaptive Assessments are a good fit for your Organization?

Adaptive assessments are a great and easy way to measure student achievement. Uncover the benefits of adaptive testing over other methods.

Shorter Tests

Adaptive assessments can reduce test time by 50% by quickly narrowing in on the learner’s actual skill . As a result, the test delivers a wide range of questions near the learner’s ability, reducing the number of questions that they must answer.

Quicker Feedback

Adaptive tests provide results immediately. The speed of feedback means that instructors can see real-time data insights on learner performance. It allows for instruction adjustments based on current events rather than when it is too late to make a difference.

Test Security

With Adaptive Assessments, each learner receives a unique combination of test questions. This pattern significantly reduces the opportunity to share answers as compared to typical exams.

Improved Accuracy

Adaptive assessments give more weight to harder questions than easier questions. This way of scoring provides instructors with a more accrual picture of a student’s ability level.