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Adaptive Assessments For Personalized Learning

More and more organizations are switching to adaptive assessments as an easy way to replace
traditional tests. Magic EdTech makes this transition seamless for you through our ready
frameworks for adaptive testing.

Who we work with

We work with educational institutions, publishers, and edtech companies and have been responsible for bringing some of their largest learning initiatives to fruition.

The Benefits of Adaptive Testing

Adaptive assessments are a great and easy way to measure student achievement. Here’s how they can help
improve learning outcomes for your students.

Adaptive assessments can reduce test time by 50% by quickly narrowing in on the learner’s actual skill level. As a result, the test delivers a wide range of questions near the learner’s ability, reducing the overall number of questions that they must answer.

Shortens Test Duration

An adaptive test can produce results far quicker than normal tests. This speed allows instructors to see real-time insights on a learner’s performance and make learning plan adjustments with ease.

Enables Quicker Feedback

Each learner receives a unique combination of test questions. This pattern significantly reduces the opportunity to share answers as compared to typical exams.

Improves Test Security

Adaptive assessments give more weight to harder questions than easier questions. This way of scoring provides instructors with a more accrual picture of a student’s ability level.

Enhances Result Accuracy

How We Enable Adaptive Testing for Organizations

Our technological capabilities and 15+ years of experience have helped us build targeted, data-driven
engines to power adaptive assessments. Our frameworks make it easy for you to start, drive, and deliver your learning initiatives.

Our 6-stage framework helps power some of the world’s most powerful Adaptive Assessments.

Learn more about our Adaptive Assessment frameworks

Schedule a quick consultation with our team to find out how we can help your organization. Heading to the ASU GSV Summit in San Diego next week? Our team will be present at the event to talk about Adaptive Assessments. Feel free to fill out the form to book a meeting in advance.