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Case Study

Developing Biology Virtual Labs for a Global EdTech Provider

Key Result Highlights

  • Successfully delivered a suite of complex virtual labs within a tight timeframe, encompassing research, content creation, and lab development.
  • 30% cost savings by leveraging pre-existing development frameworks for bespoke solutions.
  • Delivered "Born Accessible" outcomes through WCAG-compliant development, meeting "TX State adoption" accessibility parameters.
  • Efficient and quick ramp-up of team resources to adapt to uncertainties in the development process.

The Client

The client is a global leader in PreK-12 Education, offering high-quality content and personalized solutions for students worldwide to enhance real-life learning experiences.

The Challenge

The client wanted to develop Biology virtual labs for high school students. Initially handling content creation in-house, they sought a partner with expertise in content, design, platform, and with ample team capacity to develop end-to-end solutions,from content creation till development of the online labs.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Ensure editorial support for content creation.
    • Secure alignment and buy-in on content understanding across different stakeholders.
    • Provide UX and ID support to suggest improvements or alternatives, identify gaps and finalize the storyboard.
    • Deliver necessary learning and pedagogical outcomes within the proposed time frame.
    • Verify the logical correctness of the content and implement accessibility guidelines.
    • Manage quality excellence through a bug-free final product.

Our Approach

    • Magic’s SMEs researched and created content with art and photo specs for the virtual labs.
    • Created and reviewed storyboards, suggesting improvements, and identifying gaps to achieve learning objectives.
    • Collaborated with the client to adopt design specifications, develop wireframes and mockups, and maintain accessibility and responsiveness in the UI elements.
    • Evaluated media requirements and created objects, illustrations, and backgrounds based on visual descriptions and UX wireframes.
    • Leveraged our pre-existing development framework, to engineer components and custom functionality in ReactJS and custom functionality, using prebuilt data APIs for analytics.
    • Ensured seamless performance across devices, operating systems, and browsers with rigorous testing.
    • Followed an agile development workflow to execute a fail-fast, spring-based approach to deliver outcomes as per the agreed plan.

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