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Case Study

Creating Interactive Learning Labs for a Cybersecurity Market Leader

Key Result Highlights

  • 30 interactive labs developed in information security management, cybersecurity, databases, cloud computing, ethical hacking, web security, and more.
  • 300 assessment items developed.

The Client

The client is a leading provider of online educational content, simulations, software, and analytics.

The Challenge

The client, a market leader in cybersecurity and related domains, required significant subject matter expertise, instructional design talent, and production experience to develop over two dozen student-facing interactive labs and assessments to accompany their best-selling titles in cybersecurity, networking, information security management, cyberwarfare, ethical hacking, and more – giving students as close an approximation of “real world” experience as possible.

Critical Success Factors

    • Ensure the developed labs contain and comport to the latest developments in their particular domain while also adhering to (and augmenting) the approach and coverage of the titles they accompanied.
    • Create engaging and rigorous labs that provide students with authentic, “first-hand” experience with the applications in scope.
    • Develop and release labs in a timely manner so as to accompany the use of the titles they support during the academic year.

Our Approach

    • Magic provided SMEs, with august credentials and experience, in the fields of cybersecurity, networking, software development, etc. These SMEs are also experienced writers – in a variety of modalities – and educators.
    • All content development included “built-in” redundancies (i.e., internal reviews by additional subject matter experts with equally persuasive credentials) to ensure accuracy, innovation-in-execution, student engagement, and achievement of the desired outcomes.
    • Magic’s subject matter experts worked in concert with our in-house production team to ingest and release the labs within the client’s proprietary system seamlessly, and on time.
    • Weekly status meetings and project trackers ensured project adherence to critical deadlines and close creative collaboration with the client.

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