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Case Study

ETL Automation for Onboarding School Districts

Key Result Highlights

  • 700+ Business Data Flows: Efficient use of SnapLogic capabilities, producing expected integration outcomes.
  • 3GB+ Data per Pipeline: Utilization of ETL process parallelization for handling large datasets with minimum cloud computing resources.
  • 150,000 Records/Minute: Streamlined integrations, automating data migration and processing 120+ districts with a remarkable output.
  • 40% Improvement: Order fulfillment ETL process significantly accelerated, reducing the time spent on moving data into Google Sheets.
  • Automated integrations and business templates reduced manual data entry processes, optimizing overall execution time by 40%.

The Client

Our client is a leading data analytics organization specializing in school improvements.

The Challenge

The client faced challenges in onboarding new school districts efficiently. The manual execution of this process demanded a linear scale-up to meet the growing demand. Seeking a technology partner with expertise in Big Data & Analytics and Education, they approached Magic for a swift and seamless solution.

Critical Success Parameters

    • One Week Turnaround SLA: Mission-critical for onboarding school districts within a week.
    • ETL Process Optimization: Crucial for clearing the backlog of onboarding 120+ school districts within 6 months.
    • Establish ETL Centre of Excellence: The ultimate goal for customizing processes and ensuring execution efficiency.

Our Approach

    • Data Research and Analysis: In-depth study of SnapLogic’s reference implementation, identifying data inconsistency patterns across 120+ districts.
    • Customized Integration: Integration of information from multiple sources into a different format, followed by data cleaning based on databases and business rules.
    • Optimized Data Pipelines: Utilization of SnapLogic capabilities to build 700+ data flows, optimizing processing costs for large datasets.

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