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Case Study

Standards Alignment of Content across States and Disciplines

Key Result Highlights

  • 119 Courses aligned in Quarter 1 of 2023.
  • Aligned 11 states’ standards: KS, PA, WY, AL, OK, WI, NV, CA, WI, MO, LA.
  • 10 Disciplines - at varying grade levels - aligned: science, math, ELA, social science, art, music, PE, government/civics, history, and language arts.

The Client

The client is a global leader in educational publishing and edtech products. They pride themselves on the efficacy of their learning materials and courseware, ensuring students achieve desired and articulated outcomes, and remaining the market leader when it comes to creating cutting-edge and efficacious digital learning products.

The Challenge

The client wanted to ensure that their content and courses aligned with legislated and documented standards – across a variety of states and disciplines – to achieve adoption. (It is required across a variety of states that at least 80% of the content aligns.) While Magic has been working with this client for three years on aligning their content to state standards, the metrics in this case study relate to only the most recent effort, in the client’s Q1. (This is an ongoing engagement.)

Critical Success Factors

    • Detailed and specific analyses of where and how courses met – or did not meet – a particular state’s standards.
    • Examination and detailed advice on how any gaps in meeting said standards could be remediated, where and why they fell short.
    • Content development (peer reviewed and validated) relative to the gaps identified.

Our Approach

    • Apply former educators, domain experts, experienced writers, and those most familiar with adhering to state standards to the required analyses.
    • Communicate freely and frequently with the client’s own subject matter experts, via Smartsheet and Slack, to achieve agreement and develop a united understanding on where the content and courses stand relative to the standard (being particularly attentive to the articulated verb in any standard).
    • Revise and adjust as needed in response to the client’s feedback.
    • Rapid responses/revisions to adhere to necessary adoption timeframes.

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