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Boost product innovation and differentiation with your own Global Competency
Center (GCC)

Make Magic EdTech your GCC partner for operational excellence.

  • 30+ years in education
  • 2-4 months launch time
  • Diverse teams for your specific needs
  • Set up end-to-end

Let's Discuss Your GCC Needs

    • Highlights
    • Design, Build, Support Learning Products
    • Gen AI-Infused Operations & Trained AI/ML Experts
    • Drive Scalability and Expansion to Global Markets
    • Meet Regulatory Compliances

    Who we work with

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    Accelerate Learning

    Magic simplifies your journey to a GCC in India. We assist in crafting a compelling business case, guide setup, and ensure a swift launch in just 2-4 months. With us, gain access to local expertise and foster operational excellence for ongoing success.

    Unlike traditional outsourcing, Magic’s approach emphasizes joint ownership and collaboration. Benefit from our leadership and expertise for a swift GCC launch, while retaining control and reflecting your unique brand and culture.

    We govern your Global Capability Center with robust SLAs and KPIs, ensuring efficient project management and quality assurance. Get transparent visibility into project progress and timely interventions to mitigate risks. Real-time progress tracking empowers teams to adapt swiftly and streamline workflows for enhanced efficiency, while you have the tools to gauge productivity levels.

    At Magic, our talent management program meets top industry standards. From talent scouting for skilled professionals to seamless talent onboarding, our Learning Academy offers targeted training and certification courses, nurturing flexibility and skill enhancement. Focusing on a synergistic approach, we integrate Gen AI with human oversight to achieve scalability and quality.

    Why Us

    Unparalleled Domain Expertise

    With 30+ years in edtech, we offer expertise in consulting, AI, content, and technology. Passion drives our technically proficient team. Pioneering innovation, we've crafted numerous transformative learning products and platforms. Count on us to tailor a strategy specifically for you

    Go Global with Magic

    Expand globally with our GCC solutions. Leverage our global market expertise to accelerate product adoption in new markets, adding value worldwide. Benefit from our local market penetration and global talent supply to build a dedicated high-performing team aligned with your business goals for long-term success.

    Accelerate Team Empowerment

    Magic prioritizes building high-performing GCC teams. Our expertise accelerates learning curves, we ensure peak productivity quickly. With talent scouting and onboarding support, we surpass traditional approaches to assemble skilled teams.

    End-to-End Partner Support

    Our comprehensive end-to-end support system handles every aspect of your GCC cycle. From talent management to risk assessments, vendor selection to compliance, we've got you covered.

    Long-Lasting Partnerships


    Clients served over the past three decades. Find out what keeps them coming back to us.

    "Magic EdTech demonstrated a strong understanding and expertise in education technology, particularly in compliance requirements for schools and districts, providing valuable guidance and ensuring regulatory compliance. They effectively navigated challenges such as expanding the web-based code editor and addressing security, execution environment, and scalability concerns with expertise and attention to detail. It was my first time working with an external team, this was a great learning experience for me. The team adjusted based on my feedback and by the end of the project, I was receiving update documents that were exactly what I was looking for to gain clarity on the progress and challenges of the project. They accommodated changes gracefully and went the extra mile to ensure that the deliverable was completed by a reasonable time frame. Their dedication and expertise ensured the successful completion of our project. Based on our experience, I enthusiastically recommend Magic Ed Tech's services to other companies in the Ed Tech industry. "

    — Juan Erazo VP of Product, Mastery Coding

    "When we looked at the market that we had opportunities in, we easily enough understood that we required additional LMS capability. Magic EdTech is in the Educational Technology space and Magic EdTech has helped us wade through some of the complexity that comes with it.

    Magic was able to put a team in place quickly. We were able to have the team analyze and respond to our requirements and begin to technically design and connect our complex educational product quickly."

    — Rick Lamb President, Slooh

    “ I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team at Magic for several years, over several projects, and the experience has been outstanding. Magic has provided us with several critical services, including developing reasonably simple digital games, developing highly complicated and involved interactive simulations, upgrading and improving existing digital content, and translation services for our science and math education materials. I have enjoyed working with Magic, and I look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.”

    — Jason Maxwell Vice President at Accelerate Learning, Inc.

    “In 2020, we had an opportunity to make significant investments in our technology. That required engineering talent beyond our capacity. Recognizing that the projects spanned different aspects of our business, it was important that we engage with a firm that had significant Education Technology expertise. We reviewed proposals from several engineering firms and found that Magic Software offered a mix of domain and technical expertise to meet our needs. In the past six months, Magic EdTech has helped us on several projects and promise to be a factor in our continued success.”

    — Mike Rodbell Vice President, Technology at Explore Learning

    “Magic EdTech has become an invaluable partner to StudySync, providing accessibility and web publishing services with skill, precision, and expediency, beyond what we ever imagined. Our Magic team is a delight to work with and is incredibly thorough in flawlessly managing and executing the abundance of tasks we ask of them. Communication and responsiveness are top-notch. Magic has helped reduce managerial burden, and a great deal of staff stress. My only hesitation in endorsing Magic is that I want them all to myself!”

    — Jay King COO at StudySync

    “I have been working with the Magic team since 2017 as a solutions manager for Pearson Education. They have been an essential partner, helping us to develop a brand new authoring tool.

    They are consistently a professional, caring, and dedicated team to work with. We absolutely could not be where we are today without their hard work.”

    — Kira Marbit Narrative Authoring Solutions Manager at Pearson


    Setting up a GCC can greatly enhance your organization's operational efficiency and effectiveness. It allows you to tap into global talent pools, leverage local market expertise, and streamline processes for accelerated product innovation and differentiation. Additionally, it provides a platform for robust governance and talent development, ensuring long-term success and growth.

    Magic EdTech stands out as a GCC partner due to our unparalleled domain expertise in the education technology sector, with over 30 years of experience. We offer end-to-end support, emphasizing joint ownership and collaboration, robust governance models, and top talent nurturing. Our focus on innovation, global market expertise, and team empowerment sets us apart as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to establish their GCC.

    With Magic EdTech, you can expect to launch your GCC within 2-4 months. We streamline the entire process, from crafting a compelling business case to guiding setup and ensuring a swift launch. Our expertise and experience enable us to expedite the setup process while maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency.

    Absolutely. Unlike traditional outsourcing models, Magic EdTech's approach to GCC partnership emphasizes joint ownership and collaboration. While benefiting from our leadership and expertise, you retain control over key aspects of your GCC and can reflect your organization's unique brand and culture. We work closely with you to ensure that your GCC aligns seamlessly with your business goals and values.

    At Magic EdTech, talent development is a priority. Our Talent Management program meets top industry standards, offering comprehensive support from talent scouting to seamless onboarding. We provide targeted training and certification courses through our Learning Academy, nurturing flexibility and skill enhancement among your GCC team members. With our expertise, we ensure that your team achieves peak productivity quickly, surpassing traditional approaches to talent development.

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