Image Optimization and Enhancement for Faster, Clearer, More Accessible Content

Arvinder Sharma January 22, 2019
A picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s particularly true when it comes to online learning specially for K- 12, where a kid relates more to a picture than to a text underneath it. Online publishers rely on top-notch images to communicate ideas and information; even a stray crop mark or dust speck can change the meaning of an image or make it harder to “read.” Magic EdTech makes image enhancements and optimization a priority for its clients, ensuring products that meet the needs of both publishers and learners. Then, we take the process a step further by creating carefully crafted tags and alt text to guarantee that all learners receive the information they need in the format that works best for them.
Why Image Optimization and Enhancement Matter
  In educational publishing, images provide far more than decoration: they actually provide key information. They may also be the basis for student assessments in the lower grades or in visually rich topics such as art history, math, biology, chemistry, and Earth science.  Image optimization and enhancement, while they are both important, serve different functions. Image optimization is the process by which high quality images are provided in the right format, resolution, and dimensions while minimizing the size of the image file. This can be accomplished by resizing, compressing, or caching images. The benefit of image optimization is, of course, fast, accurate delivery of top-quality images with the lowest possible requirement for storage space or memory. Image enhancement is a very different process: it involves the creation of near-perfect images through:
  • Improving contrast, brightness, sharpening, and color balancing
  • De-skewing (straightening or repositioning) images
  • Cleaning images by removing dust and stains
  • Removal of black borders, crop marks, holes, blank pages, or other artifacts
Magic EdTech optimizes and enhances all its images, resulting in the best possible images with the smallest possible file size. For publishers and learners, that means extraordinary products that require less storage and offer faster uploads, downloads, and renders.  
Additional Image-Related Services to Improve readability, accessibility and User Experience
Image optimization and enhancement improve image quality and speed of download. Tagging and alternate text make it easier to find and engage with images—even for people with low vision or other disabilities. Magic EdTech offers:
  • Image enhancement
  • Auto image tagging
  • Alt text creation and insertion on images
  • Detection of image size, orientation, and recto/verso pages
Math Image to MathML by SmartText
Top quality images are  especially important in education; for example, in math, printed equations and formulas can be converted into MathML along with alt text.  MathML is a markup language which facilitates use and interaction with math and science content. MathML makes it possible to present mathematical notation in a high-quality visual display, making it easier to understand, use, and encode.

Magic EdTech has developed an AI-based automated solution to recognize handwritten math equations and convert them into MathML with its Alternate text.

Choose Image Management by Magic EdTech
Image optimization is one of the keys to producing engaging, accessible, high-quality educational content. The best online educational products include exceptional images—and all Magic EdTech products meet the same demanding expectations for image quality. Invest in your own success with Magic EdTech image enhancement, optimization, tagging, and alt text services. Let’s discuss how Magic EdTech image services can help you save time and cost and help you differentiate your image! Magic EdTech offers:
  • Automated Image caption ( Alt text) based on our ML algorithm.
  • Alt text creation ( short and long alt text along with contextual brief) and ingestion into a learning module/object.
  • Image compression and optimization/enhancements for Digital Delivery.
  • Image creation and visual design services.
  • Immersive content treatment to make books more engaging and intuitive.
  • AI based – Image to MathML, MathJAX, Latex conversion specially for Math and scientific books.

Arvinder Sharma

Arvinder is a solution architect with more than 15 years of experience in building/designing processes and develop solutions by using wide range of cutting edge technologies for end to end digital publishing.