Innovative EdTech Exhibits Find Their Way at Bett Excel London – 2019

Acky Kamdar January 2, 2019
Bett Excel London – 2019 is an internationally-recognized workshop for transformative learning that enables the global education community to come together to celebrate, find inspiration and explore the innovations through technology that are defining the next frontier in higher education. All set to commence on 23 January 2019, Bett London will witness participation from 800 leading companies across 134 countries. Bett provides a great opportunity for eLearning professionals and companies to showcase their solutions. It has allowed companies and individuals to talk about evolving digital skills, innovation in edtech, incubating educational best practices with technology, blended learning experiences, coding and more. Magic EdTech will be showing its products at the transformative learning workshop Bett London, which is the world’s biggest education technology event. Bett London 2019 is touted to be even more inclusive this time as the theme for this year is based on the needs of everyone in the education community – from the most seasoned experts to complete newbies. Our team comprising Acky Kamdar (CEO, Magic EdTech) and Sunny Nath (Sales Director, Magic EdTech) will be attending the event to showcase our products, including Magic Box, mobile application development and AR/VR. schedule-a-meeting MagicBox The ultimate cloud-hosted mobile distribution and digital platform, MagicBox purports to help authors, publishers and content providers to design, sell, manage and deliver digital content via Web and Mobile Apps. It is an intuitive, seamless and secure platform that allows users to create and distribute content using responsive technology. MagicBox has more than 2 million active online users with over 10 million reading hours and counting. An in-house team of digital media resources not only ensures the best experience but also augments your content by adding interactivities, glossaries, inline videos, etc. It also supports collaborative learning with its device-agnostic technology. The custom branded apps facilitate offline learning and are compatible with all devices. Mobile Application Development Offering robust and scalable mobile application development, we can custom-design mobile learning apps meant to support educational requirements. Our faster, compatible, reliable and responsive mobile apps provide a digital framework for educators and institutions. Some of the key strengths at Magic when it comes to mobile application development are our ability to:
  • Enable greater digital accessibility
  • Create micro learning modules
  • Support gamification of content
Learning providers such as Oxford University Press (OUP), Gibbs Smith Education, Cloud Education and more rely on us for immersive learning and mobility solutions. AR/VR Accentuating learning content by adding AR experiences has helped publishers increase the level of engagement and incentive available to readers. Magic EdTech allows publishers to create AR learning games that respond to the real world. These games aim to help users track objects and to enable learners to engage in imaginative ways. The availability of 3D AR tools adds to our ability to create 3D models that reflect the real world. For visual learners and individuals with learning difficulties, VR provides an alternative medium to meet their needs. In the same way, educators see increased engagement levels and improved test scores across the board with VR education programs. Our AR/VR solutions have also become integral to the digital dashboards of our clients. We have developed more than 250 apps that offer varied solutions immersive learning and mobility solutions. Let’s take the next step toward leading tech transformation. Visit the official Bett page for more updates! You can contact our team at mail@magicedtech or fill the form below to schedule a meeting with us. We wish to see you at Bett 2019!

    Acky Kamdar

    Currently the CEO of Magic Software, Acky is also a General Partner at Solmark, the PE venture that owns Magic. Acky has helped build businesses ground up. Acky is a business executive with immense and invaluable experience of launching and running businesses (start-ups and matured businesses) within services industries with a track record of delivering sustainable revenues and margins and creating long-term shareholder value.