Turning Pokémon GO into Meaningful Educational Tools

Akhil Pawa July 25, 2016

Pokémon GO, the Augmented Reality based game that’s topping the search trends this month, has captured the attention of K-12 learners. So if these kids are primed to think of little else than this game then teachers and content providers might take the advantage of this newly created opportunity. The game has made such a huge buzz in EdTech community with teachers and educators debating the different possibilities to create game based interactive learning content.

Understanding that the attention span of K-12 learners can’t be more than 17 minutes [Attention Span (mins) = Chronological Age + 1], games have proven to be an excellent way to ensure effective learning outcomes. Publishers and content creators understand how to make games memorable and “sticky” in the sense that, even when students aren’t playing the game, they are still thinking of solving the problems and puzzles. That’s the effect of this newly launched AR based game which is topping the charts.

Here are a few ideas for turning Pokémon GO into a meaningful educational tool:

1) Promoting Data Literacy Skills: The game automatically records the date and time of the event as they occur – be it collecting Poké Balls or capturing Pokémon. Students can use the app to learn data plotting and finding average number of events per day. Analyzing this data can then help them become familiar with data literacy skills like data-presentation, data- analysis and much more.

2) Inspire Story-telling: The game allows players to snap photos of the creatures in front of their real-world settings, this gives an opportunity to teachers to fuel creativity in students and promote language skills by asking them to imagine and write stories around Pokémon they capture in the game.

3) Encouraging Young Social Scientists: The game can be used to help students research about the habitat where Pokémon is found. Students can be made to observe the habitat where Pokémon is found and sketch it. It also encourages students to analyse the kind of conditions under which different creatures thrive and makes them environmentally conscious.

An excellent opportunity here for Interactive Learning Content to achieve the desired learning outcomes and for EdTech companies to leverage the power of Augmented Reality (AR) and Game based learning in the classroom.

Akhil Pawa

Management expert and the service line owner for solutions and delivery of all Digital Interactive Content offerings in Magic. He has been associated with Magic for more than 8 years and has handled several digital transformation projects in Education domain.