Accessible Learning Products

Making Learning Products Accessible

Digital Learning for K-12

Planning Digital Learning for K-12 classroom

Digital Education

Education in 2016 and Onward - Analytics, Assessment, and Accessibility

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App – Better & Low Cost Mobile Presence

Practical Data Analytics

Practical Data Analytics - A Quick Guide to Generating Insights from Data

Digital Education Magic EdTech

Digital Education: Scope and Challenges of a Developing Society

Data Analytics

Data Analytics – Driving Change in Education

Mobile App Testing Compatibility

Is your Mobile App Testing Well for Compatibility & Responsiveness?


Metacognition: How to Make Learning Even Smarter

K-12 Mobile Publishing

The Importance of a K-12 Mobile Publishing Strategy.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning. A look into the future.

K-12 Education

Creating Value in the Education Sector

Data Analytics in Education

Data-Analytics in Education Domain

MagicBox Magic EdTech

Its got to be MagicBoxTM for the flipped classroom experience

OOP with C#

OOP With C#: Abstract classes in C#

OOP with C# Magic EdTech

OOP With C#: Early Binding/Compile Time Early Binding/Compile Time


Understanding Events in C#

Best Compute Hosting

Taking Application to Azure: Choose The Best Compute Hosting Option

Enterprise level application

RESTful Day #1 Enterprise level application architecture with Web APIs

Web APIs

RESTful Day #2 Inversion of control using dependency injection in Web APIs Web APIs

RESTful Day #3 Resolve dependency using Inversion of Control and dependency injection in Web APIs

MVC 4 Web APIs

RESTful Day# 4 Custom URL ReWriting Routing using Attribute Routes in MVC 4 Web APIs

Enums in C#

OOP With C# Understanding Enums in C#

Special Correspondents

Watch Full Movie Streaming And Download Special Correspondents (2016) subtitle english

Access modifiers

OOP With C# Access modifiers

Object Oriented Programming With C#

OOP (Object Oriented Programming) With C# Inheritance