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Learning Just Went From Text to Experiences

Immersive Learning Solutions to Engage Learners

Explore Ready Frameworks for Immersive Learning

    Content That Makes Learners Go “WOW”

    Ensure learning efficacy with our ready-to-deploy frameworks for immersive learning. Discover an easier, more practical way to add simulations, games, and virtual labs into courseware.


    Augmented Reality Solutions for STEM Learning

    Virtual Reality Lab Frameworks


    Who we work with

    If you’re an educational publisher, edtech company, or a learning organization, we can help you develop high-quality immersive learning courses rapidly and scale them with ease.

    Immersive Learning That’s Ready to Deploy

    Magic EdTech brings you a sustainable way to add interactive elements to course content.

    Explain complex concepts using augmented reality overlays.

    Now, your learners can interact with complex objects and learn in 3D. Our AR templates enable faster product deployment without the exaggerated costs.

    Augmented Reality

    Give students the real-life experiences they need to be workforce-ready. Build your simulation course over our AI/ML powered simulation frameworks.


    Arrange walkthroughs and let students learn as they explore.

    Add pre-built experiential learning elements to your content with ease.

    Virtual and Mixed Reality

    Ensure course engagement by gamifying the experience.

    Add leaderboards and develop accessibility games for learning.

    Games and Gamification

    Get started on your content transformation journey

    Speak to our immersive learning team to collaborate on your upcoming project.