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Episode 27

Integrating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) with Digital Accessibility Initiatives

Brief description of the episode

Rick Ferrie, VP of Accessibility, Savvas Learning, joins Erin Evans to discuss the current market conditions driving the adoption of UDL and accessibility in products and how integrating these will change the course of learning in the coming years.


Key Takeaways:

  • The approach to UDL by providers is not as purposeful and rigorous in the documentation as it should be.
  • The focus on technological aspects is way more than the actual UDL framework.
  • The need for maximum flexibility in an online environment is missing.
  • Assistive technology is only limited to certain disabilities instead of being used as a support tool for communication.
  • WCAG is a technical standard managed at an international level for accessibility whereas UDL is a dynamic framework focused on the needs of a broad range of learners.
  • UDL does not require multiple levels of compliance whereas WCAG expects your product to be of certain compliance levels to be considered accessible.
  • Universal Design for Learning is broader and more complicated instead of a set list of guidelines.
  • Incorporate interoperability of the technological infrastructure to provide maximum benefits to their students.
  • Create a design that can fulfill varied needs within a group of students.
  • Make assessments more accessible for students.

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